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      Hi all.

      New to X-wing and just wondering if this is a good place to start playing? Have played a couple of games with a friend but he lives down south so not very well practiced.

       Lee Mayhew 

      Hi Scott

      We have several X-Wing players and are in the middle of a 200 point campaign at the moment.

      Why not pop down and see what’s what on Wednesday.

      See you soon hopefully.



        Sounds good! I can’t create a 200 point team yet but will be good to see what’s happening.

        also a quick question. I see people are getting rebel and imperial teams ready for the campaign. I was planning on just playing scum. Is it viable to stick to one team?

         Lee Mayhew 

        I’m relatively new to X-Wing, having been square based fantasy and Tanks mainly.

        The first campaign I played was 100 pt and we played two games per round, one of each faction.
        I may be wrong but I think this time everyone is still either Rebel or Imperial, but several players have Scum ships too.

        The best people to ask would be Tom C or Ben C when you come down.



          Sorry couldn’t make it tonight. Will be down next week to meet you guys

           Benjamin Collins 

            Hey Scott, we’re just messing around with different formats at the moment, however we’re all still up for a bit of 100pts one on one action.

            As for factions, just get what you want really, you don’t need every ship in every faction. However you will start to find that FFG like to put certain upgrades in certain boxes, so you end up buying more than you really need! God damn plastic crack! On that note though, if you do want to fly a ship and don’t have it, just ask mate, I’m more than happy to wing you whatever you need and so is everyone else.

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