Of Gods and Mortals mythological Greek army

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      My first units completed for Osprey’s “Of Gods and Mortals” mythological wargames rules. Two units of mortals, Greek Hoplites:



      I’ve gone with the Greek army list in the book, but OGAM is very flexible in that you can make your own lists for any god you want. Chance are you have models for OGAM already, since you could easily make rules for any of the Warhammer Gods (I was considering doing either Slaanesh or the Great Maw for example), or anything else. In the book are lists for Greeks, Egypt, Norse and Celts, and there’s rules online for Japanese gods and pre-Islamic Arabic.

      The game is small warband size, max unit size as you can see is 8 models in a close ordered mortal formation. Mortals are the bulk of the list, but they are accompanied by Legends (e.g Perseus, Minotaurs, Chimera etc), and of course a God. I’m using Aphrodite as my God, mainly because I found a model I liked for her.

      There is an official model line from North Star miniatures, but the beauty of a game like OGAM is that you can use any models you want. These hoplites are from Warlord Games which you can get using the club discount. I bought them sprues only and got 16 models for about £7.

      You can buy transfer for the shields from Warlord as well, I freehanded all mine as a painting project which was more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

      Next unit is a pack of wild dogs, also from Warlord.


        Seeing as 300 is one of my most favourite ever films, ever…….. I’d be interested in seeing this game.


          And completed the rest of my mortals units, archers and wild dogs (all models by warlord games):



            Some very cool free hand art on those shields mate!


              Cheers :). The shields were the most enjoyable part of the project really, plus they are the only parts of the model you can actually see. I’ve not batch painted more than about 3 models for 5 years or so.

              I done some work on my Goddess model, but photobucket is down at the moment so I will post a WIP picture when I can.


                WIP of my Aphrodite model, just the base coat on here:


                She’s called Daramis the Healing Light by Andrea Miniatures. She’s 54mm scale so pretty big, but that’s what I want from a deity.


                  And because I can’t swap between tabs without losing my reply, here’s another WIP with the skin mostly done this time:



                    And Aphrodite complete:


                    On to my legends next: A Minotaur, Herakles and Perseus. Minotaur first since the other are still on order from Reaper.


                      Another legend done, needs no introduction:


                      He has an ability called Labyrinth, where he can trap a unit near him so they can’t escape.

                      No the greatest paint job or model I’ve ever done, but it did only cost me £2.50. He a Reaper Bones reskit model so he’s a bit bendy and clean up was a pain, but he painted up OK.


                        I got one of those to be Taurox the brass bull in beastmen, but when it arrived it seemed too small compared to the doombulls so now it languishes in a drawer. Looks a good paint job to me!


                          My models done this past week, which I neglected to post here.

                          Firstly, another legend, Perseus from Reaper Miniatures:

                          Second up, another Reaper model, this time Herakles:


                            And here’s the warband all together:





                              Another one to add to my OGaM force:


                              He will be used as either Poseiden (as a God to lead the force) or Triton (as a legend).


                                Looks great. Which paint are you using for the pink tones in the flesh? I works well.


                                  Nice :)

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