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     Benjamin Collins 

      Hey all,

      I’m looking to set up an Original Trilogy league.  It would be run on Wednesday nights with all the usual rules for a tournament.

      However, this will be an Original Trilogy League therefore you will be required to have 2 lists, one Imperial and one Rebel (no Scum in this one). These lists can not be changed during the league. You will play each other twice using both your lists. Ie. Player One uses Rebels against Player two (Imperial) in their first game, then in their second game Player One uses Imperial whilst Player Two uses Rebel.

      Additional rules:
      – All ships have to be from the Orignal Trilogy.

      Rebels can fly:
      – A-Wing
      – B-Wing
      – X-Wing
      – Y-Wing
      – YT1300

      Imperials can fly:
      – Tie Fighter
      – Tie Advanced
      – Tie Bomber
      – Tie Intercepor
      – Lambda Shuttle
      – Firespray

      – Only upgrades and crew from the Original Trilogy can be used. Ie. No Kylo Ren, Jyn or Hera.

      – TLT is banned.

      – Palp is banned.

      Just post on this thread if you are interested or let me know next Wednesday and we can sort something out.

       John Baldock 

        Count me in. 🙂


          I’m in!

          Lots of old meta to play again!

           Tom C 

          I’m in!

           John Baldock 

            Are there any restrictions on which pilots we can use for those ships?

             Benjamin Collins 

              The only restriction is whether that ship was in the OT, if it was then you are good to go with the pilot. I.e. Fel in an Int is fine along with Tomax in his Bomber, however Rey flying a Falcon isn’t and neither is using the TFA title.

               Benjamin Collins 

                Evening all, I forgot that I’m out on the 17th May so won’t be able to make it to the club. You are more than welcome to crack on with the league in my absence, just let me know the scores. However, if I find out someone is running an illicit card, then stand by!

                Remember theme is everything!

                 John Baldock 

                  Does rebelling against the rules count as a Rebel theme?

                   Lee Mayhew 

                  Am I correct in thinking that  “Mauler Mithel” of the wonderful Imperials would get 2 additional dice for a Range 1 shot?

                  One for being close and another for his own skill.


                  Finally read the rules last night, looking forward to Weds.

                  Will hopefully be acquiring a couple of those dirty Rebel ships on Saturday to get up to 100 points for those mischief makers.

                   Tom C 

                  That’s correct Lee. When played right he can be brutal!

                  Shout out if you need to borrow any upgrade cards from any of us.

                   Tom C 

                  Results from Wednesday:

                  John 100: Tom 35

                  John 64: James 39

                   Lee Mayhew 


                  Not knowing what else there is I’ll be using the cards I have in the two starters and the ones I get tomorrow from Beanie Games in Stockton-on-Tees.

                  I’ll trust my judgement and skill, and then blame the dice when it all goes pear shaped.

                   Lee Mayhew 

                  Got an extra Imperial and a dirty Rebel ship too.

                  I can get to 99 for each faction so I’m ready to rock, assuming i haven’t cheated with upgrades or anything else.


                  It’s going to be teeth gritting time when I have to play Rebels, a bit like using Tomb Kings in a Vampire Count army, just so wrong.

                   Benjamin Collins 

                    Hey, can I get which side played which please? Did you just use your Imp list for the two games John or did you mix it up? However, looks like John is romping away with it already!

                    I still can’t make it this week, but have almost sorted by 2 lists out, there is so much theme in them that it’ll blow you away! The flying might be a touch crap but never mind!

                    Good work on sorting out a couple of lists Lee, can be a bit of a pain with all the various upgrades floating around now-a-days.

                     John Baldock 

                      I played imperial both of those games vs rebel.

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