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     Benjamin Collins 

      Good morning all,

      Apologies on the delay in getting the latest results across to you. However here it is:

      1 – Tom – 10

      2 – John – 8

      3 – James – 4

      4 – Lee – 2

      5 – Barry – 0

      6 – Ben – 0

      Tom is still the leading Rebel pilot (2 wins) and is now tied for leading Imperial pilot too with John (3 wins each). Just want to confirm that there were only two games in the league played last week; Tom 100 (Imp) – Barry 32 (Reb) and Tom 100 (Reb) – Lee 0 (Imp)?

      Shock horror, it’s still looking like i’ll be able to come down on Wednesday but i’ll only really be sure once I walk through the door!

       John Baldock 

        I think Barry also played James in a league game.

         Lee Mayhew 

          I was indeed Imperial. I had taken delivery of a couple of Tie fighters that were made of paper and just the brush of the solar wind blew them apart in one shot. Dreadful.

          This week I will hopefully have a new addition to the Rebel cause if Tom brings it along in return for some credits.

           Lee Mayhew 

            Heavy, Laser, Cannon

            Three words I now detest.

            So much for giving my Imperial force some thought 🙂

            Once I moved to the Rebel cause I realised that my Y-Wing must be a Lidl own brand version but prior to death it did get off an Ion Cannon shot so it wasn’t all bad.

             Benjamin Collins 

              Good afternoon Gentlemen,

              Standings as follows:

              Tom – 14

              John – 12

              Barry – 6

              James – 4

              Lee – 2

              Ben – 0

              As for winning in the galactic war, Imperials – 9 and Rebels – 8! All very close.

              Imperial Pilot – John and Tom (3 Wins each)

              Rebel Pilot – Tom

              Pretty sure that’s a conflict of interest for Tom but i’m more that positive you’ll be able to deal with it!

               Lee Mayhew 

                I’m not able to come down on 14th but should be ok for the 21st.



                 Lee Mayhew 

                  My last week for a couple of weeks, hols and WHFB campaign in the offing.

                  Is the league still going?


                   Tom C 

                  I’ll be there, but late due to parents evening. Although I have played Lee twice already.

                   John Baldock 

                    I think we are about done. Ben, do you have a list of who has played who?

                     Lee Mayhew 

                      I’ve played and lost both against all players (except v John where I gained a famous victory… in MY mind)  apart from Ben who must be running scared of the might of my Soviet frontal assault tactics (damn, wrong game!)

                       Benjamin Collins 

                        Hello chaps, yeah most people are pretty much all squared away, I should (big words I know) be able to make it tonight, so I kind of need to play EVERYONE!! (Twice!)

                        However, here’s a list of whats left:

                        JOHN you need to play Barry’s rebels.

                        TOM all squared.

                        JAMES you need to play Barry’s Imperials and Lee’s Rebels.

                        BARRY you need to play James’s Rebels.

                        LEE you need to play James’s Imperials.


                         Benjamin Collins 

                          Good morning one and all,

                          So after lasts night close to table flip gaming from a certain person this is the new standings:

                          1 – Tom 16

                          2 – John 14

                          3 – James 8

                          4 – Barry 6

                          5 – Lee 2

                          6 – Ben 0

                          Barry; John mentioned that you had played both of your games against John, I seem to only have a record of the John’s Imperial winning against your Rebels on the 24th May. If you have the result of the other game then please post it here or text me.

                          Lee; did you and James play a second game last night? I might’ve been a touch distracted hating life to notice! Sorry about that! 🙂

                           Lee Mayhew 

                            We partially played another game but not a league one.

                            My B-wing is starting to get a persecution complex, being killed in one turn of shooting AGAIN.

                            I can either study the game a lot more  or buy more ships…

                             Benjamin Collins 

                              Mate fear not, I’ve bought a LOT more stuff and still get wiped out pretty swiftly!

                              In theory I’ll be around for a couple more embarrassing league games next Wednesday. 🙂

                               Lee Mayhew 

                                I think I’ve done all my league games now.
                                Won’t be here for next two Weds and then I’ll be playing in the Warhammer campaign every other week for a few weeks, but I’d like to carry on in X-Wing too, it’s been fun.


                                My only concern is that, if I get some more ships, I might get some that Ben has got and they don’t seem to be too good 🙂

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