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     Benjamin Collins 

      Hey Lee, yeah you don’t want any ships I’ve had my hands near or the dice or the upgrade cards or the asteroids or the table or the chair..you get the picture!

      However, I still need to play both your sides, but I reckon we’ll be scrabbling around for the wooden spoon!

       Benjamin Collins 

        Good morning one and all,

        Tom and I had our final game last night with a surprise win going to myself! I know?! What are the chances! It has however done nothing to the leader board!

        So standings so far:

        Tom – 16

        John – 14

        James – 8

        Barry – 6

        Lee – 2

        Ben – 2

         Lee Mayhew 

        Ben, I am coming down tonight but it might be nearer to 7 as I have to do some running about beforehand.

         Lee Mayhew 

        Congratulations to John and myself for our moral triumph last night.

        Even though our Imperial fleet was wiped out for the loss of no trouble making Rebels, the fact that the magnanimous Imperials restarted the Rebel flagship to allow it to return to its base makes us, undoubtedly, the good guys.

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         John Baldock 

          Well said. We have also dealt a great psychological wound to them as they showed their cowardice and lack of skill by fearfully flying through a lane where there were no asteroids or debris while the heroic Imperials flew through the most dangerous space, with great skill, in order to undertake their mission. While the mission itself may have failed, though many Rebel ships were damaged which is a substantial achievement as it slows their villainy down, the Empire has scored a great victory in reducing recruitment and increasing desertion by showing the huge disparity of honor, skill and bravery between loyal Imperial pilots and the criminals and con men that pretend to be fighting for a “good cause”.

           John Baldock 

            I’m not going to be able to make it tonight. I’m in something of an energy lull at the mo, probably in part because I’ve been doing computer stuff with my nephew.

             Lee Mayhew 


            I’m all set for our league game but I can’t remember my composition.

            I know I thought it was ok until I played with it 🙂

            I had a tidy up a couple of weeks ago and lobbed loads of “useless” pieces of paper. Not so useless after all it seems.

            Those who know me will now be nursing a huge bruise on the back of the head.


            I know I didn’t have many Empire ships then so no Lambda, Aggressor, Punisher, Firespray or Interceptor.

            Dirty Rebels are ok though as I haven’t got anything new (yet)



             Benjamin Collins 

              Hey Lee,

              No dramas about the list really, it’s been so long and I’m crap with making the game nights anyway! Just make sure your list are from the OT and it’ll be fine. No TLT or Emperor though, those I still feel are a touch broken!

              See you tomorrow.

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