Planning games Wed 28th June

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      Hi all, plan away.

      Anyone fancy some kings of war?

       Nicholas Carpenter 

        I can play Kings of War, Alan. 2000 pts, Clash of Kings?


        N Carpenter


          Sounds good, see you there

           andy brooks 

            i Know its a last minute thing. But is anyone wanting a 4ok game 8th  ed.


             Alexander Jamal 

              Hi Nog and Isacc, we are playing a 200pt game of Attack Wing tonight, if it is the 3 of us that is.Special rules are, build 4-5 ships, we bring them on one at a time. (e.g. Round 1, one ships comes onto the board, Round 3, a second ship arrived, round 5 a 3rd and so on) If it is 4 we will do a battlefest, if its two of us we will play a 200 pt fleet game. See you two tonight.

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