Plastic hub thing in the middle of the dial

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     Lee Mayhew 

    Does anyone have a spare that could go to a good cause or tell me where I can get them from?

    I got an e-wing the other day and put the one that came with it in a safe place while I was faffing on and now I can’t find it.

    I had to pinch a Tie fighter one for last week’s game, not ideal and I am sure the Empire had sabotaged it in some way.



     Tom C 

    FFG have a good record of helping out. It might be worth contacting them. Alternatively, Ben might have some spares as he uses the fancy plastic dial covers

     Benjamin Collins 

      Yeah I’ve got a load of them, how many do you need mate?

      I’ll bring a bag of them on Wednesday.

       Lee Mayhew 

      Just the one please, but I won’t be here this week. Should be ok the following week though. Ta.

       Benjamin Collins 

        Hey, do you still need the plastic bits? I’ll bring some spare tonight.

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