Royal Armouries gaming event (RAGE)

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      Hello folks, read below for a royal Armouries gaming event;


      Made by David Marshall, of MM Dioramas, and Perry Miniatures, the centre-piece of the Royal Armouries’ recent Battle of Agincourt exhibition at the Tower of London will find a permanent home at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds.

      The diorama is four meters by two meters in size and consists of 4,400 28mm figures. The model captures the key elements of the battle, with the French infantry beginning their approach towards Henry V’s forces, the English and Welsh longbowmen in action, and the failed French cavalry charge.

      The museum will be hosting a Hundred Years War themed wargaming weekend 23 – 24 April to mark the model’s move North, and WE NEED YOU to get involved. The event will open for wargamers and the general public to enjoy. On Saturday 23, model makers David Marshall and the Perry’s will be leading a talk on how they managed the project and will be able to answer any questions.

      If you are interested in putting on a participation game at the UK’s national museum of arms and armour please get in touch with: 

      Kirsty Rogers 
      Communications Officer

      N.B. we are also looking for someone to run painting intros. If I can’t find a volunteer for it, I’m fairly sure I will get roped into this one! Any help you want to offer would be great, should be an awesome day. The model is amazing too!


        Happy to help if you need it fella



          If you could message kirsty on what you want to do you shall be recruited!



              Hey Carl, is this all still on? Planning on coming with the kids on the Saturday.


                yes it is. If you come on the sat you get to meet the Perry’s!


                  Yeah, I’m planning on coming on the Saturday.


                    Carl, do you know what time on Saturday the Perry twins are dong their talk?


                      It’s 1:00. David Marshall who did the terrain (and has a business making dioramas) will also be there.

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