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     Carl Newbould 


      Hello all,

      So the saga campaign start date will be 4th April.

      Each month people can log 2 games as their official campaign games. These games will start at 4pts in April, May we will use 5pts and June (the final month)will be 6, if there is enough interest we may possibly end with a weekend event.

      We will be using the map of Britain as the campaign map. Each player will be given counters to represent their army’s influence on the map.

      Every army will start with one counter on a location (province) that best suits their historical claim over Britain, of course some armies may end up in illogical places. The province you start in counts as your home territory which is important for determining the victor of the campaign.

      How to control provinces:
      Win a game: you may place 3 counters on any one region of the map.
      Draw a game: both players may place 2 tokens on the map, they have to agree on the same province, if they cannot agree the province is randomised.
      Loose a game: you may place one counter on the map but it has to be in the same province as the player who defeated you or your home province.

      The player who has the most tokens in a province counts as having undisputed control of it.

      If two players have equal amount of tokens on the same province it counts as disputed control.

      Critical locations:

      Rules from May-5pt warbands, Mercenaries may be taken in your army.

      If you have undisputed control of any critical location (barring eboracum) your army may take an item from the back of the Viking age book.

      Home ground: if you have undisputed OR disputed control over eboracum you are automatically the 1st player.

      Stretched too thin: in your game if you have undisputed control over more provinces than your opponent you get – 1 saga dice for your first turn (this means that if you are the 1st player you will only generate 2 saga dice)

      June rules-6pt warbands
      You may take named heroes to lead your warband.

      Winning the campaign
      At the end of the campaign each province you have undisputed control over will score you 5 points, disputed control will earn you 3 points, if you have at least one counter in a province which is controlled by another player you have a minor foothold and score 1 point

      The player with the most points wins the crown!

      Sign up with your intended army below

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      • This topic was modified 2 years, 1 month ago by  Carl Newbould. Reason: I've deleted the rule for scoring 0 points of you lose your home province to prevent anyone feeling victimised!
       Inquisitor Holloway 

        I’m in.  Vikings for me.

         Nicholas Carpenter 

          Definitely interested in taking part with my Welsh warband.


            I’m hopefully in but my rules and models haven’t been dispatched yet. Anglo Danes when they arrive.

             Carl Newbould 

              Starting places

              Chris⁩ eboracum
              Seb⁩ Caledonia
              ⁨Mark⁩ din eidyn
              Alan⁩ deva
              ⁨Johnny⁩ aquae sulis
              Carl londinium
              Nicholas Caerleon

              I will bring the map to the club on the 4th for people to look at and maybe some can play their 1st campaign game!

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               James Carpenter 

                Hey Carl

                Any space for some Norse Gaels hanging out in the Isle of Man (or somewhere 🙂 )?

                 Carl Newbould 


                  Yes you can join, you can control the final free province, which is Ratae.




                   James Carpenter 

                    All good then, although why the Norse Gael would invade Leicester is a bit of a conundrum 🙂

                     Nicholas Carpenter 

                      It’s quite simple. Clearly these mean were attempting to invade North Wales, but the Wicked Welsh, being a deceitful and dishonourable people, have switched all the road signs around, and so they have become quite lost.

                       Nicholas Carpenter 

                        So, what’s the faction line-up looking like?

                        I count, confirmed-




                        1* Somewhat lost Norse-Gaels

                        That leaves 4 unknowns, 2 if I guess that Seb would be a second lot of Vikings and Carl would be the Romans from Aetius & Arthur, but I’m not confident of those guesses.


                        Also just checking, but it seems that a game can be logged as an official campaign game by one player but not the other?

                        For example if I win against players A and B but then lose to player C, I can log the 2 wins as my official games and player C can still score our game as a win even though I’m not counting it?

                         Carl Newbould 

                          Johnny is Normans

                          Seb, Chris and Mark are all vikings

                          I’m Romans

                          If you play more than 2 saga campaign games in the month then your first 2 games count only. Your third game will not count as a score (but can for your opponent if its their 1st or 2nd campaign game of the month). This means people are not penalised for not being able to play every week or want to play other games as well as saga.

                           Carl Newbould 

                            Due to garrison being closed on the 4th, I will bring the map in on the 11th, to kick off the campaign.

                            Who wants to take on my Romans !?

                             Nicholas Carpenter 

                              Happy to play your Romans on the 11th Carl.




                              1*Norse Gael




                               Carl Newbould 

                                Excellent. I will see you next week then, hopefully the club will be back on

                                 Carl Newbould 

                                  OK folks. With the hall being closed again this Wed I will postpone the campaign to start in May. I know some people wanted a bit more time to get to grips with the rules anyway.

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