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      Hello all

      After going to Vappa I became rather drawn towards the prospect of playing Saga. Is there anyone at the club who plays/ has played this game and could tell me more about it and show me a game?



        Haven’t actually got to play it except for an introductory game a couple of years back, but also took an interest in it, and I can recommend a couple of good internet sources-
        The tapestry, an official fan site with an extensive archive to trawl, plus forums.
        Celt of Kernow, youtube battle reporter of Saga plus others.
        Gripping beast, game designers

        Hope that’s helpful, regards.


          It is helpful thanks

          Seems very positive; affordable, balanced, simple game mechanic.

          I have a frost grave book in the post but this sounds more up my street. If I can fit in a third wargame to my collection!



            I have an Anglo-Dane army and only got to play a couple of games a few years ago and have been unable to find anyone else to play against since then (that and had competing interests!). But loved the mechanics and the game was always something I wanted to get back into.

            If starting up then would be interested to play a couple of games, post Star Wars Armada event.




                Well good to know I would have at least one opponent. Though I was going for Anglo Danes/ Saxons too. If I continued to like it I would play Byzantines too but Saxons have a nice (cheap) starter army.


                  Im pretty sure Neil Bayliss plays this one as well. He’s one of the regular Star Trek players so if he doesnt see this thread then I will mention it to him tomorrow night


                    I’m interested in seeing it played. I can double up Saga vikings into other games (Frostgrave, OGaM) so might be worth an investment if it’s not too expensive.


                      I’d also definitely be interesting in playing some games if other people at the club started playing, though I’m not quite sure what faction I’d use.


                        After going back on the site to browse the mini’s I could not resist the Vikings.

                        Starter set of Vikings ordered! When I have built them and read over the book i will post again and we can get some Dark Age action going!



                          And, having determined after much deliberation that Sarmatian Cataphracts probably can’t sensibly pass as Normans/Bretons, my backlog of unpainted models has increased by 33 angry Welshmen.


                            Read book, just off to assemble my starter warband. Up for abolishing some villeins this Wednesday Carl?


                              I will either be playing an intro with a new fellow or 1500 pts of KoW with James. So can’t this wed. Maybe the following wed? Though I need time to build!

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