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     Lee Mayhew 

      Popped in this morning with my gift card burning a hole in my pocket that was hotter than Jedha City on its demise.

      StarViper 25% off 🙂

      Sound I thought, can’t see anything else though…..until I looked more closely.

      Shadow Casters 25% off, IG-2000 25% off, Punishing One 25% off, No contest.

      Also got an X-Wing at 25% as well, just because 🙂

      Sorely tempted by Runewars 50% off, only £45 but by that time the Gift card was up in smoke and cash as well.

      As the youth might say “Well pleased”.


      There were also some Imperial Assault stuff, a box of Armada and some card game decks.

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       Tom C 

      That’s quite a scum fleet there Lee.

       Lee Mayhew 

        I reckon if I get most wanted then I’m sorted (for a week or two :))

         Lee Mayhew 

          Oh and need a scurgg bomber 🙂

           Benjamin Collins 

            Mate, you really do know how to spend money! Thats some solid work, shame you’re getting the Punishing One now when they’ve really taken the teeth out of it, still the Jumpmaster is one of the most fun ships to fly. 🙂

             Lee Mayhew 

              Sadly my children  are now too old and too large to go up chimneys or I’d be earning a lot more to fritter away spend wisely on spaceships.

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