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     Carl Newbould 

    For sale. A LOT of Dwarfs and a few other things. The other things will be the top of the list.

    Hobbit Strategy Battle Game starter set (complete, new on sprue) £30

    Hobbit Strategy Battle Game Hardback rulebook as good as new £15

    x2 American Sherman Tanks (for tanks/ flames of war) £8

    King is Dead board game by Osprey Games £15

    Legendary Encounters (Alien) Deck Building Game £30

    Game of Thrones Card Game £5

    18 Avatars of War Wych Elves £10

    Unpainted LotR Theoden on Horse £5


    Dwarfs for sale, all built and painted to good standard unless stated otherwise (deep breath…)

    15 Iron Drakes (£10 per 5)

    25 Iron Breakers (£10 per 5)

    20 Hammerers (£10 per 5)

    20 Crossbows £15

    40 Warriors (some from skull pass) £20

    2 Cannon £5 each

    Organ Gun £5

    2 Bolt Throwers £10

    Grudge Thrower £10

    10 Miners (skull pass) £5

    10 handgunners (skull pass) £5

    Runepriest £5

    Master Engineer £5

    15 slayers (some are avatars of war minis)- £20

    20 Avatars of War Slayers (new, on sprue unpainted) £20

    2 Dwarf Kings £5 each

    GW 25mm Round bases (for AoS players)- £3 for 10

    Kings of War Dwarfs are listed below;

    2 Elemental regiments (3 models)- Titan Forge Golems £15 per 3

    Steel Behemoth (Reaper Clockwork Dragon) £15

    King on Bear (Scibor) £20

    Brock Lord (Mantic) £10

    10 Brock Riders (mantic, new unpainted) £20

    Troop Sharpshooters (mantic) £10

    Engineer (mantic, unpainted) £5


    I would rather sell all (or as many as possible) Dwarfs in one lot so if you want several things then I would be willing to take less for them. Please private message me if you want any of these. I am selling them as I no longer play Warhammer and prefer Undead for AoS and Basileans for KoW.



     Carl Newbould 




     Carl Newbould 

     Brian Lavelle 

      Did you get rid of all the dwarf stuff Carl ?

       Carl Newbould 

      Hi Brian,

      I sold all the GW stuff. all the things which you can use in a KoW army are still available. Including a box of unbuild Brocks and avatars of war berserkers.

       Brian Lavelle 

        Hi Carl,

        I would def deaf like the steel behemoth, and a unit of the elementals, and the Brock lord.


         Carl Newbould 

        I will bring them in next time Im at the club. I dont think I can make it this Wednesday as I am working late so will struggle to make it at a sensible time.

        I also have a mantic engineer, brock lord and sharpshooters!

         Carl Newbould 

        Hi Brian,

        I’m bringing my dwarfs this Wed if you are at the club?


         Brian Lavelle 

          I am away this Weds but will be there on the 14th the week after if that’s any good?


           Carl Newbould 

          Yes I will be there on Wed next week. I will see you there.

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