Saturday Feb 13th – Another STAW OP?

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      Currently there arent any events booked in for the Saturday session in Feb so I was wondering if we should go ahead and do another STAW OP? The biggest issue with this one is likely to be that Vapnartak is the Sunday before and therefore I know some people will struggle to attend the YG Saturday as well. We have a few options available for us in terms of kits we could run, and we could potentially even look at using one of the new Blind Booster Bricks as well. Can anyone who is interested in possibly playing in a STAW OP on Feb 13th please reply below so that we can determine whether or not we are likely to have enough to make it worthwhile


        List of people interested:

        [li]Andy A[/li]


          I’m interested.


            I’d be up for this :)



              Thanks Andy and Ash, ive added you both to the list. If we can get up to about 6 people who are interested then i think that will be enough to do it so we can start looking at what kit to use and if we want to do blind boosters as well


                I think both Patrick and I would look upon this favourably .

                  captain chaos wrote:
                  I think both Patrick and I would look upon this favourably .

                  Excellent, Ive added you both to the list and Id say we probably have enough people now to get something planned


                    Ive added Neil and Isaac to this list now as they have confirmed that they are definitely interested.

                    So, do we want to run this OP with a Blind Booster Brick? This will put the cost up quite a bit as we will have to cover the £5 for the normal session, the OP kit and then the booster kit as well. I’ll have to check with Ben as to how much we will charge but its likely to be around £14-17 per person (which I suppose isnt really a great deal more than a normal ship costs at full RRP)

                    I’ll need at least 7 people to confirm they are interested in running this with a Booster Brick, ideally a few more if possible. Otherwise we can just go ahead and do it with the normal OP kit on its own (not 100% sure which OP kit it will be yet, will confirm this soon)


                      I am keen to use the booster brick at every opportunity.

                      Edit: I will of course play anyway if we’re not using boosters.


                        Well, I’m a possible with or without booster bricks.

                          Myriad wrote:
                          Well, I’m a possible with or without booster bricks.

                          Nice one James, Ive added you to the list as well :-)


                            I can play too. Boosters would be great.

                            If we aren’t using Boosters then I have an idea for a Battlefest tournament that we could do on Saturday (or save it for later). Involves a few minor tweaks to the scenario we all know & love. Some people were commenting that 3×1 hour standard OP games is a little short for a full Saturday and that (as been proved recently) they can be run well on a Wednesday night.

                            Tournament Scenario updates.

                            Split the players into Battlefest 2,3 or 4 games of 4-5 players. Play with 25, 40 and 55 point ships (ship pure). No limit to number of players and we don’t need a reserve chap in case an odd number show up.

                            Run a game in the morning and another in the afternoon each lasting 2 or maybe 2.5 hours.

                            Simplify the victory conditions to just 1 point per kill. No points for lasting to the end etc. The game then becomes a little like one day cricket – you have to get enough runs (err I mean kills) without running out of wickets (err I mean ships). You don’t want to be too conservative, lasting unscathed but gaining few kills, nor do you want to be too gung ho and loose your third ship after only 90 minutes.

                            After the first round the top players from each game get merged into the final whilst the less fortunate slackers play in their own game. Combined points for both games count for final victory.

                            Thing is I have no prizes for this so at least it would be only £5 for the day. Unless anyone has some spare OP kits to use as prizes. Shouldn’t be anything wrong with playing a different scenario for an OP kit as long as everyone had a whizzy jolly time.


                              Andy’s option is up to you guys to decide really. I dont personally have the time for that length of gaming but completely understand the appeal of it to those who do.

                              Any OP kit (or booster brick) being used in a manner that it wasnt intended for will need to have the approval from the shop who provided the kit. If we dont do this we risk losing the support of the shops (OG Games and Travelling Man) who currently supply these to us


                                I also could not stay for long enough for a battlefest thing.
                                And though it sounds like a fun thing, I’d rather do OPs with boosters when available.


                                  Apologies for the delay with this one but its taken a bit of effort to get hold of an OP kit (I didnt really want to run yet another Temporal Cold War one). So, Ive managed to get a copy of the Encounter at Farpoint OP kit (only one prize ship will be available) and we will be running this in conjunction with one of the new 2015/2016 blind booster bricks!

                                  *** UPDATE – Andy A has kindly agreed to donate two additional USS Hood prize packs (missing a couple of cards, not Riker though). Thanks very much from all of us Andy, really appreciated ***

                                  The cost for the day will be £5 plus an additional £7 for the blind booster ship (so £12 in total :-) ). Tickets are available here

                                  This event, as with all future events, will use our standard tournament rules

                                  90 point fleet, plus 40 point blind booster ship

                                  Arrival time will be 9:30am, aiming for a 10am start.

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