Saturday Feb 13th – Another STAW OP?

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      Bought mine.

      Already have 2 Hoods but blind boosters are great. Hopefully I wont draw another Bajoran raider, though it does have a vicious initial volley.


        I’m in, just bought a ticket :)


          Just reserved 2 tickets


            Just 1 ticket left now :-)


              Got my ticket!


                Gah! The one sat I have off and it’s sold out.

                  gillus wrote:
                  Gah! The one sat I have off and it’s sold out.

                  :( Thats a shame, hopefullly next time


                    All is not lost Gillus!!!

                    I spoke to Gray this evening and he said there were 5 or so people who expressed an interest in playing in the Saturday OP event but it is of course full. Although they are on the “reserve list” it is unlikely more than 0-1 of them will get to join in.

                    So with Saturday numbers needing encouragement I will run the Battlefest tournament to run alongside the Farpoint OP above. Dan Dan Deeeer!!!!

                    This event will be free to join in, just pay your usual Saturday attendance fee. We don’t have a prize kit but I can scrape together a few spare resources maybe. If anyone has anything they wish to donate to the prize fund then bring it along. I will run the event if 4 or more people express an interest here. There is no limit to player numbers and we don’t need an even number of players. The format is 2×2.5 hour games, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We should be done by around 4pm. If the Farpoint OP finishes around late lunchtime then any of those 10 players can also join in a single Battlefest game in the afternoon. It will be good to mix the players up.

                    What to bring:
                    Rules, dice, counters, templates etc.
                    3 ships (not fighters). One costing 25 points, 40 points and 55 points. If you go faction pure you can vary the cost of each ship by +/- 2 points with the total no more than 120 points. If instead you select a ship pure or penalty pure force then you don’t have this option and any unused points are lost. Other mixing of factions isn’t allowed. You can use a resource but only on the final 55 point ship.

                    Victory points are 1 per kill, that’s it. Otherwise use the Battlefest Scenario here:

                    Interested players:
                    1. Dominic (I’ll build and lend him a Federation fleet)
                    2. Paul
                    3. Ben (possibly)

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