Scum, eradicated!

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     Lee Mayhew 

    The Empire faced the Scummy rabble.

    Lambda shuttle and Tie Aggressor on their shakeout voyage, Mauler Mithel and No16 Academy that was being given more experience after his stellar rookie performance in a previous battle.

    Scum had a Y wing and two other ships and some tasty pilots/upgrades meaning that they all had I9.

    I had all on to see my own cards never mind Peter’s so I can’t describe much more. Must get some new gigs.


    Mauler succumbed to withering enemy fire at the end of turn 2 I think, maybe 3. This was quite surprising as Scummy general seemed incapable of avoiding bumping any ship in the same galaxy, never mind in the same quadrant.


    Lambda flew in cruising attitude keeping aggressor nearby to distribute target locks as appropriate.

    16 flew like a pilot possessed, screeching hither and thither as it is with the impetuosity of youth. Survived many shots from the miscreants before eventually perishing. Little did the Scum know that 16 pilot escaped at the last moment and is now recuperating under the auspices of Lord Vader’s personal physician. Rewarded for his bravery and skill, promotion to Obsidian can only be a matter of days away (probably next Weds).

    Tie aggressor tried to bring the fight to the Scum, using its Twin Lasers to good effect. Lambda got over ambitious and ended up turning like an oil tanker to get back to the fray. Colonel Jendon seemed confused about the difference between an Ion Cannon and a turret and it took a few radio calls from Ben to put him right.

    The actual sequence of destruction evades me after such a long time since yesterday, although I can remember my first day at real work in 1985. Old age is a wonderful thing 🙂


    In the end we had just the Lambda shuttle on 4 hits, no shields, facing a Scummy adversary on 3 hit points.

    Scum did nowt, Jendon lowered the wings to attack settings and took down two more hull. Scum breathed a sigh of relief but sadly for him, that WAS his last breath. Lord Vader unbuckled his seat belt in the crew compartment, strode to stand next to Jendon, stretched out a hand and, as the Lambda creaked and groaned as bits broke off due to the power of the Force, the Scum pilot felt his throat tightening and he slumped lifeless in the cockpit.

    Lord Vader swept back round in the shuttle, cape billowing behind him and returned to his seat.

    “Let us proceed” he instructed Jendon. The wings folded back to cruising  as Lord Vader continues to protect the Empire against the trouble making Rebels and Scum.


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    • This topic was modified 11 months ago by  Lee Mayhew.
     Tom C 

    Bounty hunters. We don’t need that scum!

    Vader in the DoomShuttle is always a glorious thing.

     Peter Large 

      I’m happy for once I didn’t ram space rocks, Academy pilot surviving those 10 dice was rather amazing

       Lee Mayhew 

      Only what we expect from a pilot selected to attend the Academy.

       Peter Large 

        And a fair few of them become Rebel ace pilots I seem to recall

         Lee Mayhew 

        Not Pilot 16 though. He is fully aware of his duties to the Empire.

        So much so that I have bought a new hanger for him and his Empire friends complete with an obsidian shield to protect their delicate wings.

        Ok it’s a hobby box from the Range with some felt pads to lay inside but at least the pilots will feel appreciated.


        I got a couple for the other lot with some orange (orange to me, how knows what colour it really is 🙂 ) felt to match their stupid helmets and the rolling beach ball.

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