Shadespire – demos available.

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     Dan Wartnaby 

      Hi all,

      If anyone would like a demo of Shadespire please shout. It’s a surprisingly tight, deceptively deep and a relatively cheap little game, and i’m enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would have.

      I have a copy of the core set so can demo.


       Dave Harbottle 

        Hi Dan, I would be interested in getting in on that – I picked it up yesterday so would be good to get a game in. Am hoping to be there this Wed (15th Nov) if you are free – work has been a bit manic at present so I dont want to say for defo as yet in case I need to put a few extra hours in, but if I can get there and you’re free…


         Dan Wartnaby 

          Hiya Dave,

          I have a game already, but, Ross is free and has played it, and he’ll happily demo the game. He’ll need to use your set, but he is free on the 15th.

          Let me know if you can do it and i’ll pass it on to him!


           Dave Harbottle 

            Hi Dan,


            Thats cool. I plan to be there tonight (apologies if this is too short of a notice)

            I might be a little late as will need to swing by home to grab it but otherwise I will be there as close to 6:30 as possible

            Dave Ford has my number if there are any issues.





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