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      Hi guys.

      I want the neverborn part from the malifaix starter box ( angel eyes , sion of black blood and bloodwrecks plus the one tape xD). Is there anyone who wants to share it with me? It costs around 40pounds. We can buy it from OG with 10% discound and split it. If any guild collector is interested please let me know.



        All the Guild models are mercenaries so you can use them in your NB crew as well.


          I bought it. Angel eyes is a stunning model!!!!! (according to my personal taste..). Not really big fun of scion. Dont know. Either as model or as rules feels like something missing. The bloodwretches seem solid as rock and fast as a thrown rock!! XD. They are good but i dont know if i am gonna use them. If i start guild (at A Point….) i am fun of preditta and the pyromaniac chic who blasts without tomorrow. So the guild models are not directly for my taste. The henchman though looks really good. Rules/Model wise. If you know someone who could use them i don’t mind gifting / selling / trading. Depending on the given situation.

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