Slay Bells 2: Apocalypse

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     Dan Wartnaby 

      Hey all,

      As part of the Slay Bells 2 event on December 9th, and to mark the end of a multi-month Slow Grow campaign, we’re running an apocalypse game! Players so far:

      • Tom
      • James (new)
      • Luke (Guard, newish)
      • Andy (Guard)
      • Ryan (Tau)
      • Peter
      • Chris
      • Bennett
      • Ben (Tau)
      • Ben (Guard)
      • Dan
      • Greg
      • Luke
      • Jason
      • Dave

      Anyone is welcome to take part regardless of participation in the campaign, just please let me know ahead of time if you’re taking part.

      Gaming is completely free on the 9th, with a Charity Raffle and a £5 Buffet lunch (see the shop, please order ahead of time).


      I’ll arrange the mission closer to the time once I know who is taking part.




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        hi put me and Luke down I shall be those shifty Dark Angels guys

        Luke may be Mechanicum or Ultra Marines

         Ryan Rea 

          i would be interested in coming too, just got into the game properly and got a lot of models to build up for tau about 2.7k points when all of them are built up which i should have done by saturday, though probably unpainted

           Dan Wartnaby 

            Hey Ryan, i’ll write you in. Locking down the sides in the next couple of days, so let me know if you’re absolutely coming. It’s looking like 1750 per player.

             Ryan Rea 

              alright then, yeah i’ll absolutely be coming since got most of what i want to bring built already for that points level

               Dan Wartnaby 

                Nice one Ryan, added you in. First time at Garrison? What’s your experience of the game?

                 Ryan Rea 

                  not my first time but it’s been a year since i last been,know the game mostly  from watching battle reports though haven’t played in 8th yet


                    OK so what’s the format, points etc…

                    As were not down Wednesdays were kind of out the loop

                    I can fetch a more offensive force or just field a stack full of guns depends on pairings

                     Dan Wartnaby 

                      Hey Greg,

                      Now that we have Chapter Approved, we’re locked in. Attached is a basic outline of the day. Bring whatever you like; it’s a real mix of armies following a non-traditional campaign. So bring what you’d enjoy playing.


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                       Dan Wartnaby 

                        @Ryan please see document attached above. We’re kicking off about 09:30 on Saturday, 1750 points.


                          Thanks for organizing the event we had a great time don’t think it could have gone any better looking forward to next years all ready 🙂

                           Dan Wartnaby 

                            You’re welcome buddy, good to see you both down. Might catch you in February.

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