Slay Bells Battle of Endor

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     Tom C 

    Hey all

    Hope everyone is looking forward to Saturday. Barry and I have pretty much every thing needed. Dom is bringing a Lamda shuttle. However I don’t have as many TIE fighters as I thought, so we are going to need 3 more academy pilots if people are able to bring some with them?



     Lee Mayhew 

      The Academy are already running to their Tie Fighters. Just 3?

      Is there anything else we need that I may have?


      Steady number 16, your time will come.

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       Lee Mayhew 

        Splendid, splendid, splendid.


        Thanks to Tom and Barry for organising and providing the fleets.

        Having never played Epic it was interesting and seeing different tactics other than “charge!” was enlightening, especially Dom’s move + barrel roll to get the Ties in a lovely line abreast.

        I cannot end this post without drawing attention to the fact that Academy no. 17 was the furthest forward of the Tie Fighters bringing the fight to the Rebels. Maybe another star in the making.

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