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     Carl Newbould 

      Hello all,

      Is that time of year again,the time to plan A MASSIVE SUPER FUN CHRISTMAS KINGS OF WAR GAME!

      Saturday 9th of December. 6 players would be ideal let me know if you want to come so we can sort out space.


      Enjoy life and play more games



        I’m in

         David Ford 

          Me too.

           James Mitchell 

            I’m in

             Carl Newbould 

              Awesome. 4 of us means it’s at least game on!

              I would like to play as basileans but if the good VS evil balance is not even I will ogre it up!




               Adam Beaumont 

                I can come for the morning session 🙂

                 Chris Tray 

                  Count me in =)

                   Carl Newbould 

                    So far we have a balanced alliance :

                    Forces of good


                    Adam – ogres

                    Carl – basileans

                    Forces of evil

                    Dave – undead /Orcs

                    Alan – abyssal dwarfs

                    Chris – ogres


                    Another ogre civil war like last time 🙂 let me know if this is not correct. Otherwise it’s 2000 pts each and game on! PS. More are welcome to join 4vs4 is good by me!!!

                     Carl Newbould 

                      Scenario rules!

                      Xmas trees

                      rallying 1- this stacks with other forms of rallying

                      Xmas trees work as pillage tokens- they give you 2vp at end of the game
                      Xmas presents

                      Xmas presents are loot counters worth 1 vp each

                      Xmas delivery guaranteed- a present is worth 2 vp if you carry it into the opponents half of the board.

                      Unwrapped- when a present is picked up you unwrap it. Roll a d8 and consult the table.

                      “Don’t want to seem ungrateful” … Units may not voluntarily drop presents.

                      1 mince pies- counts as healing brew

                      2 Crate of beer- dwarven ale- if the unit is already headstrong they may reroll failed results.

                      3 socks- speed is 6 while carrying this loot token

                      4 the toy all the kids want- this loot token is hard to come by! It scores +1 vp for the unit holding it at the end of the game however enemies attacking your unit gain the vicious special rule in combat.

                      5 Box of chocolates- +1 nv

                      6 lump of coal- The unit can not benefit from the rallying or inspiring special rules.

                      7 crate of brandy – your unit gains +4 nv to their second value eg. nv 14/16 becomes 14/20 however the unit also suffers – 1 on their melee value.

                      8 The gift you always wanted!- “how did santa know?!” you may give your unit any magical item of your choice, this may be in addition to any magical item that the unit is already carrying.
                      Scenario special rule.

                      Xmas spirit- once per game each team may install the spirit of Xmas upon one of their units. When they do so a unit that has broken may count the result as steady.


                       David Ford 

                        Great stuff, looking forward to it.

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