Snakes on a plane, Wookies in a Gunship

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     Lee Mayhew 

      3 Way game between Tom, Jonny and Lee

      Imagine a bunch of Wookies jumping around with glee.

      That’s what they were doing when they took out Tom’s Shadowcaster with a barrage of close range and extra shots. Shadowcaster had been bashed about a bit but got to love those hairy things.

      Serves it right after going after my A-wing, shooting it, tractoring it and generally picking on my poor little guy.

      Wookies also found Mauler Mithel bang in front and facing away. 5 focussed shots mauled Mauler and his body was scattered to the outer reaches of the galaxy.

      Unfortunately, with the turning circle of an oil tanker and no K-turn, once a Tie fighter was on its tail the end was inevitable despite reinforcing frequently.

      I quite like the Gunship with its 180 degree firing arc and reinforce but needs a little help once it starts to need to turn and fight.


      100pt Jonny (Rebel) vs Lee (the noble Empire)

      2 A-wings with Rebel Aces pilots and a B-Wing with some fancy pilot.

      Lambda Shuttle HLC, Fel’s Wrath on Interceptor, Night Curse and Black Squadron No.16.

      Turn 2 or 3 saw the Lambda shuttle get every shield torn away by proton torpedoes.

      One A-wing was down to 1 hull (Tyco I think) and then lasted the whole game as he very cowardly avoided the fight by boosting and rolling constantly

      A period of attacking ineptitude ensued but by around turn 6 or 7 the Empire had lost No.16 who fought bravely to the end but he is finding his new responsibilites difficult to cope with and may need to curb his enthusiasm a little.

      Lambda got out of the fight and spent numerous turns sloooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwly getting back to the fray and then got taken out by an A-Wing(on one hull!) that skirted over an asteroid, damn, and positioned itself perfectly to shoot the Lambda which had stopped dead in an attempt to get the A-Wing in its sights for the HLC.

      Fel flew around a lot and then had the ship blasted from underneath him as the B-wing unleashed the last of its proton torps. Fel’s death throes proved ineffective but the Lambda blew away the B-Wing in revenge before its plodding journey to death by the A-Wing.

      Every ship was either dead or on one hull by the end of the game, quite splendid!

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      • This topic was modified 1 year, 9 months ago by  Lee Mayhew.
       Tom C 

      Long live no16!

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