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      Myself, Ben and Alex have been working to come up with some more clearly defined rules for our STAW events so that you guys hopefully find things a bit simpler and so that all events are run as consistently as possible, regardless of who is the tournament organiser for a particular event.

      We will endeavour to keep the attached rules document as up to date as possible and this will be in place for all future Organised Play events that we run (not including Temp Cold War 2 on Jan 20th).

      Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions at all, the main thing we have changed is to move from Faction Pure to Penalty Pure. I know this isnt always the clearest topic but hopefully the examples will explain things, basically it’s not really all that different to how we have played things previously but allows for a bit more flexibility and for the use of cards that previously could not really be played (such as the entire Q-Continuum)

      *** Attachment updated 05/12/16 to include up to date list of retired resources ***


        Who the hell voted for penalty pure!

        It’s ok in friendly games for a little variation but game balance and the brutal combos of faction free are available but only to a few factions. Seriously it benefits the Federation FAR more than any other faction. With the really nice cards in recent Fed packs they really don’t need it.

        For example Klingons have generally really poor upgrades but they can get round it by playing lean & mean and of course there are the occasional gems available to them like Defence Condition One. Hey presto Garak gives feds All factions Talents including Defence Condition One. In return Klingons can use Dax who costs 5 points to improve their scans and of course Klingons can’t Scan!

        Multi-factioning is even more of a mistake giving Borg access to almost all cards in the 4 largest factions (Klingon Fed, Rom, Dominion) and of course these 4 factions all get most of the Borg cards. Tough luck Kazon, Bajorans, Ferengi, Vulcans etc.


          Well, anyone can use garak and khan even the minor factions. They are expensive/difficult to get though. Edit: reliant khan isn’t though. Just the promo one. So yes fun time for everyone.
          Lore is pretty good too.

          Current dual faction ships are all borg and pair with: kgn, rom, dom, indi, mu. There’s a fed one on the list to be released eventually (aerie class, woo!).
          Probably could do a very nasty borg list by cherry picking the best stuff from several other factions on different ships.
          Alternatively: mag. guided charges for everyone!

          Vulcans get a couple of fed crew,

          Romulans actually get use their hijackers. Edit: no they don’t, andy r is right, everyone except roms can use them.

          Feds get luthor sloan and kira.

          Klingons get the wonderful dax and a passable riker.

          I don’t really have a point with this, i thought i’d list the ones i can find/remember which would be affected. Probably missed a bunch.
          Maybe drop the dual faction ship thing? Flagships were the other way to do it and they’re retired now and only went to indi anyway.
          I may blather on more later if i think of anything else.


            Yes the dual faction ship thing effectively gives certain factions access to 30, 50, or 100 extra cards whilst others get nothing. Definitely should be banned or we end up with lots of Picard and dukats on Borg ships which killed off the origins worl championship events as everyone took the same fleet.

            Also not all of us want to or can afford to buy a Borg fleet just to keep up with the above.

            Ironically the Romulan hijackers card can’t be used by Romulans but only by anyone else who wants to include Romulans on their ships.

            Perhaps even a fair solution would be to use the ADMIRANS ORDER “United Force” for everyone. It’s an official ruling to be used in non faction pure events (it’s on space doc) and gives a small bonus to pure fleets to help them out with the brutal combos available to mixed forces.


              Well, there isn’t a fed/borg ship and stuff would be limited to the matching ship. So no picard or dukat on spheres which was the problem you refer to.
              Most of the power lists involved putting the best captains on the best ships or using some reusable attack cancelling trick and you can’t do that in penalty pure. Picard (9) on a sphere when they had the old movement and could shoot out to r3, for example.
              Khan may allow something like this sillyness though.

              Otherwise, five factions get access to borg stuff on one ship type and borg can run a sort of ship pure thing adding their own stuff. And yes everyone else gets nothing. Except romulan hijackers. Yay.

              I think my general position on it (for what it’s worth at 2.45am) is:
              Let the no-penalty cards that represent people (admirals, captains and crew) be used freely by the relevant factions as well as the things they allow;
              Let romulans use the hijackers as intended, ie have it be the hijackers instead of the ship which must match faction, or have them change their ship to romulan or something;
              let everyone use the Q cards.
              Faction pure otherwise.


                Some interesting feedback there, we’ll have a chat about the dual faction ships. These would have actually been allowed previously though in all but one of the OPs run to date, regardless of whether the particular rules were Faction Pure or Penalty Pure at the time. I have also raised the question about the Garak issue as well, although he would at least be a card who is now open to everyone to use.

                Also, most of the recent OPs have indeed been Penalty Pure so nothing has really changed here other than to bring the ones Ive run into line (not including the one tonight).

                The purpose of the document was more around clarity and continuity so that each OP is run the same, regardless of who is organising it. Feel free to keep the feedback coming though, we can adjust these rules if necessary


                  I thought there was a fed/Borg joint faction Galaxy class ship. Or is that mirror universe? Still as Andy says there is one on the horizon but at least it is relatively small.

                  Faction pure strictly speaking overrides dual faction ships or officer exchange program. You can use a dual faction ship but only equipped with your chosen factions cards.


                    Can we also have
                    a ruling on proxy/photocopies of cards please
                    someway of validating that people are playing with a valid damage deck..( possible in a winner(s) has deck checked way) – not accusing any one of deliberate cheating but I do have 3 extra cards ( 2 of which are WCB!) – Could test 2 people at random at some point during day

                      captain chaos wrote:
                      Can we also have
                      a ruling on proxy/photocopies of cards please
                      someway of validating that people are playing with a valid damage deck..( possible in a winner(s) has deck checked way) – not accusing any one of deliberate cheating but I do have 3 extra cards ( 2 of which are WCB!) – Could test 2 people at random at some point during day

                      You can indeed have a ruling on those, proxies should have been mentioned already but I forgot about them. Once we have reached an agreement on both points I will update the rules and let you know


                        I don’t have problem with proxy cards, it should not matter as the game mechanics should handle it.

                        Would it not turn into those who can’t afford to purchase the latest and greatest or those you can not buy out of stock must have cards or ships will be at a disadvantage? It would be like playing a card game with the Ace, King or Queen missing.
                        If you went to a large public OP would you get the same expect the players have bought originals.
                        The marketing strategy is to keep producing must have cards or ships for people to buy so next month will be different again.

                        Officially no “Non-WizKids game components are not allowed (maneuver templates, dice, etc.)”

                        Damage Card Deck checking, I trust the YG players so far….


                          Apologies if it was me who gave misinformation about the borgified Galaxy class being Federation when I knew it was Mirror Universe, sorry!

                          My suggestions are; test penalty pure in our normal Wednesday games to see how it affects our games and general enjoyment, try including Admirals Order “United Force” for pure factions, and allow copies of cards. Like Terry, I have no reason to distrust our players.


                            We (myself, Alex and Ben) have discussed all the points raised in this so far, thanks to all of you for your feedback, and have agreed upon the following:

                            [li]Multi faction ships stay, for now[/li]
                            [li]Penalty Pure cards that could potentially be quite powerful (Garak, Khan, etc) stay, for now[/li]
                            [li]Proxies will now be banned from all OP events (feel free to use them outside of this of course)[/li]
                            [li]We wont be checking people’s damage decks, although as a matter of course it wouldnt hurt to just double check you have the correct number of cards as Julian told me that he now has several more cards than he should have so clearly the decks are getting mixed up at times[/li]

                            Where appropriate (proxies for example) I will update the main rules pdf to reflect any changes or clarfications as a result of this, that will likely be over the next few days at some point. Where I have written “for now” these are rules will be watching particularly closely and may choose to alter if we feel it is required. I know some of these points have really split peoples opinions, when discussing them outside of this thread we were also split as well on some of them (eg proxies) but this is what we are going with for now. With regards to the main shift to “Penalty Pure”, as I mentioned previously we’ve actually been using that at most OPs for the last 6 months so its really not as big a change as it may appear.

                            Please feel free to continue to contribute and comment, the feedback so far has been really constructive and we hope everyone will appreciate the continuity, and hopefully clarity as well, that publishing the rules like this will provide


                              In OP events, a simple count of someones damage deck and a cut of each others deck Imo is a very sensible courtesy, its something we introduced in our X-wing events and will be par for the course for all our future STAW events as well.


                                The rules have now been updated to include a section about proxying


                                  just a small critique to avoid confusion

                                  “Only genuine copies of Star Trek Attack Wings cards can now be used”

                                  I consider my copies to be very close to the originals and look better

                                  drop the word “copies”

                                  “Only genuine Star Trek Attack Wings cards can now be used

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