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      Hi all
      Andy has got us the next season OP kit. There is a load of new terrain, over sized comet cards and acrylic objective markers. How do people want to use it? Would a series of games over a few Wednesdays be better than a one day event?
      I’ve currently got it at my house, but I’m not at Garrison next week.


        Well I’ve got OP1 in my bag as well.

        Had a couple of games with Gareth and Carl.

        Don’t know if we need a campaign as such but it would be fun to try it out for a few weeks. There seems to be enough goodies to give to each participant.


          I would like to play a mini campaign if possible. Yesterday I got 2 Cromwells, a comet and a Sherman in the post, so would pay as the British :-D



            Sign me up for the Germans please, have got all the packs coming next week.

            Could I suggest that games appear to be quite quick, we could have a round robin (mini-campaign) with OP pack one in a couple of weeks time when you are back Tom. Then 2-3 weeks later do another blitz with OP pack 2.


              I am game for tanks all day long every day :)
              I can be Soviets or Germans, followed by yanks/Brits. Soviets preferably as I have a lot :)


                [attachment=648]1472491802908-289076051.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=649]1472491830436209104297.jpg[/attachment]

                I don’t know if this attachment will work, but if it doesn’t, picture 4 Sherman’s, 2 comets and 2 Cromwell’s! I now twiddle my thumbs and await the release of the Churchill…


                  Some Soviets

                  Row 1: ISU152 flanked by 3 IS2 and 3 IS85
                  Row 2: 6 T34/85 (or 76)
                  Row 3: 6 SU100 (or 85)

                  Awaiting reinforcements from Siberia.

                  Far too many I know :) [attachment=650]afewsoviets.jpg[/attachment]


                    Come on guys keep up, I need to buy some more T34s



                      Are they real Sherman V or the US ones assuming a disguise?

                      The V’s seem to be a little bit longer than the US types. I have 2 US Shermans so I don’t want to build them wrong, I’d rather just have a couple more US cannon fodder.


                        Holy mole that’s a lot of Russian tanks! They are genuine Sherman V’s not US ones. Well 3 of them are Sherman V’s one is a Firefly! B)

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