Temporal Cold War OP 3 17th Feb

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      Congratulations to Simon and Neil for their wins tonight, thank you to Gray as usual for running the show, and thanks to my opponents for putting up with me.

      Unfortunately I am missing a Warp Core Breach damage card, each deck should of three of these, I’ve got only two. I’d be grateful if those who don’t use card sleeves could double check their damage decks to make sure they don’t have too many cards (you should have 33) or too many Warp Core Breaches (you should have 3). Thanks.



        Thanks Dave

        Can you all please check your damage decks to see if you have Dave’s missing warp core breach. It probably wouldnt hurt to do so even if you didnt play STAW last night as there have been a few reports of cards getting lost

        Results are now online for last night and the series overall http://www.yorkgarrison.co.uk/index.php/forum7?view=topic&catid=45&id=10074#18168


          A quick way of checking your decks is to look at the little numbers in the corner of the cards to make sure none are missing

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