Test of Honour (Samurais)

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     Lee Mayhew 

    Warlord Games

    Available now on pre-order (late March delivery)

    Starter set with a shedload of stuff in it for only £35 (mine is ordered!)

    Also bumper everything pack but is £100 — too much to gamble on an unknown game I reckon.

     Ben Wagner 

    Ordering this when i get home Ive read the rules Im very excited for this one!

     Lee Mayhew 

    Cool, I might have someone to play against.

     Brian Lavelle 

      Arse! So much for saving money ordered mine too plus a few extras, if only they were pre assembled and painted already got another load of Babylon 5 ships on the way for assembling and painting 🙁


        Anyone still play this?

        Got some tokens for it from the raffle today I have no use for.

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