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      Frostgrave Campaign


      The fall of the Snow Troll

      The snows are receding and the haunted lands of Frostgrave are almost ready to be explored! The official kick off week for the campaign is the 22nd of June 2016.

      So here’s how the campaign will work. Create your warband following the standard guidelines in the Frostgrave Rulebook. Create your wizard, apprentice and warriors. Once you have everything worked out, you are ready to play!

      Games may be played at any time during a given month. This game will count towards your experience levels and treasure. This one game will be the only time for your campaign warband to increase their levels and treasure. Once you have completed a game, you and your opponent simply need to send an after action report to detailing what happened, any deaths, treasure, etc. I will be running games and playing on Wednesdays most weeks, but play when your schedule fits! Basically once a month you need to play a game to progress in the campaign…
      Each month there will be a featured scenario posted for players to try out. This scenario will be tied to the overall storyline of the campaign and have Clues and additional information on the overall story.

      Players will also be searching for The Artifacts that will be needed to aid the players in their quest to destroy the Snow Trolls.

      The Artifacts

      Finding The Artifacts is key to preventing the world being overrun by the evil Frost Trolls. The location is unknown at the beginning to where they can be found but clues will become apparent when missions have been completed.

      When determining treasure, any time a Magic Item turns up on the Treasure Table (d20 Roll of 10, 11, or 12) there is then a chance that the item found is one of the Five Artifacts. To determine if the item found is an Artifact, roll a further d20. On a 18, 19, or 20 you have found one of the Artifacts!

      Once all the artifacts have been located, players will then have to battle each other to try and claim them from each other. Models will have to be designated as possessing the artifacts during the game so that people have a chance to score them from another warband. Special cards will be created and given out when an artifact is found.


      Warbands within the gameplay month will be designated opponents as the narrative of the campaign is explored. Basically meaning your opponents for that month of the campaign will be chosen for you. Please don’t cry, it’s for the good of the universe….


      Establishing a base will be roughly translated as a moving encampment. This base will move with you around the world and will follow the rules set out in the rule book.


        The World Map



          Sorry for the delay on this campaign guys. However it is ready to kick off.

          Please sign up you names if your interested.

          The first scenario will be posted in the next few days….


          Bennett – Witch
          Dan – Necromancer
          Chris – Vampire Necromancer
          Ben –
          Jason –
          Sam –


            Necromancer Sawyer and his trusty if dim-witted apprentice Petri reporting in.


              In. Countess Isabella Von Drakk, vampire necromancer, ready for battle.


                Summoner Ozmazz and his attractive Apprentice Ookon are willing to sacrifice everyone stupid enough to sign up with them.


                  Here it is, the first episode to be played.

                  The first round opponents are:

                  Dan vs Jason

                  Ben vs Chris

                  Bennett vs TBD

                  And your mission is:

                  The First Quest

                  So you brave and intrepid wizards have arrived on the shores of Snakewood. You have landed your ships in the Bay of Widows. You have heard the murmurings from the villagers already about Frost Trolls and you have pledged to rid the world of this evil being. You know that there homelands are up to the north in The Wilds.

                  Your first encounter with the Frost Trolls. You and your opponent will choose your wizards and warriors for your first skirmish. The playable area is on a 3 x 3 and you have the normal total build cost for your crew. The game will start with normal deployment for your wizards and warriors. You each place 3 treasure tokens on the board at least 9 inches from your own edge and 6 inches apart. Next place two frost trolls on the centerline of the board from you opponent, touching the edge of each board edge. ( As though they have just walked on to the board, normal monster rules apply to these beasts )

                  As stated in the campaign layout. Treasure can be discovered for artifacts. When a treasure is also picked up then that can also spawn creatures as the normal rules dictate. At the end of every game turn, roll a D20. On a 16 upwards, another Frost Troll will appear. These new Frost trolls start where you originally placed the first ones. Randomly determine which side it comes in from.

                  Normal experience will apply for all treasure found and casting of spells when adding up your total experience gained at the end of game.

                  Dont forget to submit your results and also tell me how you think the scenario felt?


                    Are you available next week Dan (22nd June)?


                      I am now chap, aye.

                      Let’s do dis!

                        Amayasu wrote:
                        I am now chap, aye.

                        Let’s do dis!

                        Darn… hoping for a first-round no-show win ;-)


                          Then you’ll have to settle for a face to face win ;)

                          I can’t remember many of the rules, must read the book again before next week.


                            Remember I would like a write up.

                            Also I think I forgot but this scenario is set in a town, so lots of terrain needed….


                              Also if you guys have time… Could we see some pictures of your Wizards and warriors….does not matter what state they are in. ;)


                                Chris when are you free for our game?


                                  I have a ruined town… or at least I have the bits of a ruined town.

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