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      Here’s my warband:



        Here’s the write up of mine and Chris’ game, thanks for the game Chris was good fun!

        Played: The fall of the Snow Troll
        Players: Ben (Enchanter) & Chris (Necromancer)
        Treasure set up – Fairly standard 9in in line, both set up one on each side and one in the middle all 9in in.
        Stats: 1 extra troll spawned, no other creatures spawned. All trolls survived!
        Treasure: 3 a piece
        Experience: Ben 230, Chris 210
        Upgrades picked:
        Ben – Reduce spell – Grenade, Increase Fight
        Chris – Reduce spell – Leap, Increase Fight
        Items found:
        Chris HUGE amount of gold, Grimoire of Draining Word, Heal potion, speedy potion and “Grenade” potion
        Ben A little bit of gold, Magic +1 Bow, Speedy Boots, Belt of Animal Repelling (no more dog bites for the wizard!)
        Bases Picked:
        Ben – Library
        Chris – Laboratory
        Some highlights of the game:
        Ben’s Dog taking the troll for a walk
        Chris’ good use of fog to re-direct one of the trolls
        Chris’ Thug walking a bit too close to Ben’s Wizard and eating a grenade (fortunately he recovered from the shock later)
        One of Chris’ infantry man making a run straight down the middle of the board towards Ben’s wizard, surviving four grenade spells and 4 shots by archers with no damage! His charge was only stopped by the game ending.
        Ben’s Archer taking 3 bone darts with no damage (before running away)
        Chris’ Infantryman charging a troll to buy time for him to get the treasure off… Unfortunately the infantryman died to save his fellows, we mourn his passing while quickly purchasing a replacement.

        Good game!



          Excellent stuff.

          Dan and Jason have you got your write up yet???

          I am playing Sam in a fortnight so then we cqn move onto the next scenario. :)


            I’m away at the moment matey, back next week so will post then.


              I’ll try and remember my sheet next week so we can do the post-game rolling


                “The fall of the Snow Trolls”

                The twisted, strained branches of the tree line in the distance were reason enough to stop and reflect. What treasure is there that would drive sane men to band together and venture into this nightmarish realm. Snakewood. Named not for the snake like appearance of it’s trees and branches or for it’s population of snakes, although i’m sure there are many. No, the Snakewood is simply named for the manner in which it kills you. Once the branches have you there’s no breaking their hold. Slowly, over years, decades even, the branches tighten and wrap and strangle the life out of their prey.

                Those who fall in the wood do not die quickly or well. But they do lose weight.

                Of course there are foes far worse than the Boa trees… they call him Jason, and his weapon is a D20.

                Turn One
                Jason started by summoning an Imp in my deployment zone to slow me down… and then tries again with his apprentice, only to fail and take a wound.
                With Jason’s thug lingering on a suspected treasure cache, Sawyer, Dan’s Wizard Reveals the thug’s Death, flooding his mind with fear and delaying his activation. But undeterred by the cowering Thug Jason’s Crossbowman wants to act fast, and takes aim at Dan’s Crossbowman, almost killing him out right with a whopping nine damage taken.
                There’s nothing left for Dan other than to make moves towards treasure and slay the spawned Imp.

                Turn Two
                A failure to Reveal Death on Jason’s apprentice causes Sawyer to take a wound as Jason’s takes the Treasure and spawns a Wraith. Meanwhile the Snow Trolls creep ever closer. Dan’s plan is to kite the Troll nearest him into Jason’s deployment, but, on picking up treasure a Bear is spawned… right next to the Snow Troll. It’s getting messy. Rattles, Dan’s undead Hound cares little for the treasure strewn ruins and simply wants to eat a face or shred a limb. He sets his sights on Jason’s Archer and whiffs, horribly, almost dying outright with only one Health remaining.
                Jason makes moves for treasure and begins kiting the Troll near him while the Bear and Troll butcher Dan’s Thief.

                As the sun sets on turn two, another Snow Troll enters the Ruins… right next to the Bear and Troll.
                Great stuff Jason.

                Turn Three
                Sensing danger Sawyer and his apprentice attempt to reveal Jason’s archer’s death, but fail. Jason isn’t messing about. His archer takes aim and with unnerving accuracy removes the head of Dan’s Infantry man in a clean, one-shot kill. But all is not lost, Dan’s Barbarian is now at his treasure, as is his other Thief. Treasure is collected on both sides with, thankfully, only one spawn; a Wraith. Danger bares down Sawyer and his apprentice as two Trolls and a Bear move closer. But fear not. Rattles is a smart undead beastie, and with his single remaining Health point he starts kiting the pack of mindless man munchers north, and into Jason’s territory. It’ll soon be his problem.

                In the dead of night, as turn three becomes turn four, footsteps can be heard. Another fecking Troll enters play and joins near the Rattles-kiting horde.

                Turn Four
                With so many Trolls, Bears and Wraiths in play, it’s time to start thinning them out a little. The Wraith moved far into Dan’s deployment, and with two Treasure caches being moved to the Ruin’s edge, we can’t let it live. Sawyer casts Bone Dart, and kills it out right. Meanwhile, Rattles moves the horde into Jason’s Territory, clearing my side of monsters and putting the pressure firmly on Jason. He needs it more dead than undead. He needs it fully dead. It’s end game stuff now, time to bunker up and get treasure off the board, and so Jason’s Archer takes aim, and misses. Rattles lives!

                Turn Five
                With one piece of treasure left on the table, and with Jason’s Archer looming over it, it’s time for desperate measures. Dan wins initiative. Saywer stands firm and begins to cast Reveal Death on Jason’s Archer, and succeeds as the Barbarian moves up into range, but can’t yet collect it. Low on health the majority of Jason’s warband, including his Wizard, leave play to remove any chance of a sniping Bone Dart.

                Turn Six

                It’s all about the Treasure. Dan wins initiative. His Barbarian collects the Treasure, spawning nothing, and starts moving. Jason moves his final piece of treasure off the board, and Saywer Bone Darts Jason’s Archer, finishing him off.

                Three additional Trolls, one Bear and a Wraith were spawned. The Wraith died, the Bear and all Trolls survived.

                Dan scored 3 Treasure, Jason scored 3 Treasure.
                Both warbands successfully cast 9 spells.
                Personal highlight; Rattles on one health kiting three Trolls and a Bear was a hairy two turns.

                We’ve yet to roll for the other stuff – time was against us, and i’ve been away. We’ll do this on Wednesday.


                  I may have written too much :D

                  Tried to trim it down, missed a load of stuff, and it’s partly from memory, but this is more or less what happenish.

                    Amayasu wrote:
                    I may have written too much :D

                    Tried to trim it down, missed a load of stuff, and it’s partly from memory, but this is more or less what happenish.

                    That was an awesome write up Dan. I think you may have just set the bar….


                      Hah, I think i have some pictures from the game too. Looking forward to the next round. Have you played as part of the campaign yet Bennett?

                      @Jason i’m at Garrison tomorrow, will bring my D20, notes and book and we can do our post-game rolling if you’re attending.


                        I was meant to be playing this week but Sam has had to go for work. Should hopefully get it played in another fortnight.

                        Everybody ok hanging on?

                        Rememebr to choose your type of base as well when doing your rolling as it can give you buffs for your next scenario.


                          Yeah happy to wait, might give me time to paint more. Like an arm. Maybe one Axe.

                          So little time :(

                            Amayasu wrote:
                            @Jason i’m at Garrison tomorrow, will bring my D20, notes and book and we can do our post-game rolling if you’re attending.

                            I’ll try and remember the list! Either way, sounds like it was a fun game.


                              What the ETA on the next campaign round starting? Are we doing it this week?

                                Enginseer wrote:
                                What the ETA on the next campaign round starting? Are we doing it this week?

                                I have got my game with Sam next week which will finish off the first round of scenarios. So as long as all goes well we should be on scenario 2 by the first week of August.

                                By next Thursday I will have sorted who is playing who so it can all kick off the week after…. :)


                                  Nice one, really need to get the post-game rolling done with Jason too next week.

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