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      Amayasu wrote:
      Nice one, really need to get the post-game rolling done with Jason too next week.

      You were suspicious by your absence on Wednesday…


        Bennett vs Sam

        The Fall of the Snow Trolls

        Episode 1

        Two warbands approach the forlorn town of Snakewood. Abandoned and left to fall to pieces as the Frost Trolls wander amongst the ruins. Bennett’s witches approach and quickly realise that Sam’s dwarven warband is also there looking for the same treasure. There is a thickness to the air that makes it hard to breath (or it’s the chips being cooked) as the two warbands prepare to fight for this long lost treasure……


        Turn 1

        The witches led by Sabrina get off to a flying start and securing positions quickly. Sabrina dishes out fog to control the battlefield that once was a town….
        Sam’s dwarves stand steadfast and begin to advance across the town.

        Turn 2

        The witches again get there crutch out and get some fog in place while enabling their troops to find there sought after treasure…
        The dwarves are trying all manner of tactics to do the same and salvage the precious treasure. However a massive Frost Troll has spotted a few in their party and is advancing quickly.

        Turn 3

        The dwarves have collected most of their treasure now and are trying to escape. They have take a couple of casualties now due to the witches arrows. However once sprightly dwarf has almost managed to decapitate one of the most deadly of Frost Trolls already.
        The witches manage to secure three treasure caches but in doing so have awoken a Small construct, a bear and some giant rats….. A faithful war hound has lured away some of the beasties but has almost most likely secured his own death.

        Turn 4

        Both warbands are now fleeing the battlefield as quickly as possibly with their loot. The war hound dies to not the horrors but to the untrustworthy dwarves flinging grenades about the place….
        The battlefield keeps drawing in the Frost Trolls but fortunately both warbands manage to escape with not to much in the way of loss.

        The witches and the dwarves will live to fight another day…..

        Both warbands managed to gain enough experience to gain a level for their wizards. They also claimed a sizeable amount of gold and grimoires.


          Quest 2 – Forest of the dead

          Our brave warbands have succeeded with their first quest and are now travelling further North in the hope for more glory and to learn more about the tragic lands they find themselves in. As you can see from the map you’re brave warriors are travelling north towards Lliskan Forest.


          Your warband is quite weary though as they are moving through the leafy forest. Not really noticing how cold and dark it is getting. They stumble across some abandoned dwellings and decide to make camp for the night.

          Wow, what great luck. Treasure just waiting to be found in the house you just happened to stumble across. Feeling happy to have found some treasure your warbands make camp, eat some food and swig some beer before settling down for a good night’s rest.

          Scenario BEGINS…..

          So the scenario layout is roughly drawn out here:


          There is a road going down the center of the map. There are two dwellings only with two treasure in. Somehow two warbands have founds themselves in each house respectively and without even realising. (Probably because they were so tired).
          There is a well in the center of the map and all the surrounding terrain is a deep dark forest. (Lots of trees and bushes)
          Your warband wakes in the middle of the night, disturbed by the sound of stumbling and shuffling. 4 skeletons have crawled from the watery grave of the well. Thank God nobody has drunk from that yet!!!!

          The two gold stars on the map are the treasure locations.

          The blue lines on the black outlined buildings represent where the doors of the property should be.

          The purple stars are rambling Frost Trolls that start from the edge of the map. On every odd numbered turn 4 more Frost Trolls enter the map not counting the first turn. These newly spawned trolls enter from the purple stars.

          Now all your warbands have to do is escape with their lives…..

          Oh one more thing.
          Frost Trolls now drop gold when killed. 50gc to be exact. Also roll a d20 and if it is 11 or higher than that Frost Troll has dropped a treasure chest. Happy hunting.

          The scenario draws are as follows. I hope you enjoy this one.

          Bennett vs Dan
          Chris vs Jason
          Sam vs Ben


            @Jason – I’m not down for a couple of weeks, so do you want a game on the 17th?


              @Dan – You ok for our game on the 10th?


                Nice write up man, and new mission sounds filthy fun… can I have gold for dog-kiting trolls instead? :P

                I have a Guildball game on the 10th, can we do the week after?

                  Enginseer wrote:
                  @Jason – I’m not down for a couple of weeks, so do you want a game on the 17th?

                  Yep, that sounds fine Chris.

                    Amayasu wrote:
                    Nice write up man, and new mission sounds filthy fun… can I have gold for dog-kiting trolls instead? :P

                    I have a Guildball game on the 10th, can we do the week after?

                    Sure fella, I think thats the 17th. Should be a good fun mission. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it…. :)


                      17th works great.


                        I know you’re on holiday atm Sam, but let me know when you’re back and we’ll get it booked in. 24th I’m helping with boards, but otherwise i’m around.


                          MonkeyDispenser wrote:
                          Enginseer wrote:
                          @Jason – I’m not down for a couple of weeks, so do you want a game on the 17th?

                          Yep, that sounds fine Chris.

                          Hi Jason, we still on for a campaign game this week?

                            Enginseer wrote:
                            MonkeyDispenser wrote:
                            Enginseer wrote:
                            @Jason – I’m not down for a couple of weeks, so do you want a game on the 17th?

                            Yep, that sounds fine Chris.

                            Hi Jason, we still on for a campaign game this week?

                            Yep, I’ll be down. Just got to decide what to level up before then!


                              Countess Isabella Von Drakk, vampire necromancer (Chris)


                              Summoner Ozmazz and his attractive Apprentice Ookon (Jason)

                              Initial setup involved the two parties placing everyone in to position within the buildings either side of the Bridge (erm, Well). Both bands had placed archers in the upstairs rooms, which turned out to be a good decision when they were rudely awakened by the four skeletons which had wandered in to the middle of the bridge (by agreement). This also appeared to attract the attention of the four Frost-Troll-Crocodiles (an as-yet unseen abomination no doubt created by the cities initial founders).


                              The Necromancers took an immediately agressive approach to the situation and Leaped both treasures of the board at the earliest opportunity, whilst getting stuck in to the trolls, who were only too happy to oblige, taking out (IIRC) the infantryman.

                              Meanwhile the Summoners took a slightly more cautious approach and held back slightly from the Trolls, hoping for the charge in turn 2. The first treasure was Leaped off the board as soon as possible, but rather than Leaping the second treasure (and instantly ending the game), Ozmazz chose to pursue the path of greed whilst placing himself well behind his troops.

                              At the end of the turn the Trolls advanced. Two of the skeletons were attracted by the skirmishing Summoners and in the process of advancing towards them managed to fall from the bridge and kill themselves. Again. The other two skeletons wandered off in to the woods.


                              In the next turn the Necromancers continued to struggle with the Trolls until the Countess finished one off by Draining the life from it. 50gc, but sadly no treasure dropped.

                              To limit any possible damage the Necromancers started running all non-essential personnel off the board where possible. Though more of the crew were lost in the process.

                              Archers on both sides attempted to chip away at the Trolls with little effect.

                              The Summoners entered in to combat with the Trolls, hoping there would be strength in numbers. Ozmazz chose to increase the odds by attempting to Possess one of the thugs but failed miserably. The thug then proceeded to one-shot the Troll anyway. 50gc, but again no treasure drop. The infantryman and his dog assistant dealt with the second Troll. Another 50gc, but again no treasure.

                              At the end of the turn the skeletons continued their wandering and two more Frost Trolls appeared on either side of the board.


                              The Summoners greed in insisting the game would not finish was starting to take its toll on the Necromancers. The archers now found themselves trapped in a one-door building with no easy escape as the other Necromancers chose the safest option and ran. The archers moved to the back of the building and prepared for what looked like a last-stand.

                              The Summoners positioned themselves ready for the Trolls in the next turn as Ozmazz instructed the thief to bloody well stand where he was.


                              The remaining Necromancers pinned themselves against the back wall as the first Troll battered his way in, shaking off most of the damage thrown at him. Death was all they had to look forward to at this point.

                              But it was also not going as intended for the Summoners. Early success with the Possess spell saw both the infantryman and one of the thugs beefed up and ready for a scrap. All available skirmishers piled in on one of the newly arrived Frost Trolls hoping for a quick kill and a last minute treasure grab. But it was not to be. The Troll proceeded to devastate the infantryman with a critical hit, even though he had done enough to destroy the Frost Troll outright. The dog met a similar fate and all other attempts were quickly abandoned as Ozmazz realised he was about to lose most of his crew through his own desire for treasure. Coming to his senses he ordered the relieved thief off the board, ending the game and unknowingly saving the remaining Necromancer crew from certain death.

                              Both crews retrieved 2 treasures each. I’ll update with the results of the rolls later when I have the list with me.


                                Looks like an awesome game.

                                Cheers for the battle report. :)


                                  I think it might be a good idea to have something that prevents it being easy to duck off the table at the start and end the game. Not that we did that – a one-turn game wouldn’t have been very interesting for either party (but then we did both use Leap, and not every crew would find it that easy to escape in the first turn)!

                                  Maybe an extra treasure in the middle, forcing the game to stay ‘live’ even if both parties have already removed their two treasures?

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