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      Cheers for the game chap. Could you post your gold gain, XP, etc and i’ll get a write up sorted soon. Also, do you have the mission as a PDF or word file? Can’t find my print out.


        Here you go Dan

        WolfskyUK wrote:
        Quest 2 – Forest of the dead

        Our brave warbands have succeeded with their first quest and are now travelling further North in the hope for more glory and to learn more about the tragic lands they find themselves in. As you can see from the map you’re brave warriors are travelling north towards Lliskan Forest.


        Your warband is quite weary though as they are moving through the leafy forest. Not really noticing how cold and dark it is getting. They stumble across some abandoned dwellings and decide to make camp for the night.

        Wow, what great luck. Treasure just waiting to be found in the house you just happened to stumble across. Feeling happy to have found some treasure your warbands make camp, eat some food and swig some beer before settling down for a good night’s rest.

        Scenario BEGINS…..

        So the scenario layout is roughly drawn out here:


        There is a road going down the center of the map. There are two dwellings only with two treasure in. Somehow two warbands have founds themselves in each house respectively and without even realising. (Probably because they were so tired).
        There is a well in the center of the map and all the surrounding terrain is a deep dark forest. (Lots of trees and bushes)
        Your warband wakes in the middle of the night, disturbed by the sound of stumbling and shuffling. 4 skeletons have crawled from the watery grave of the well. Thank God nobody has drunk from that yet!!!!

        The two gold stars on the map are the treasure locations.

        The blue lines on the black outlined buildings represent where the doors of the property should be.

        The purple stars are rambling Frost Trolls that start from the edge of the map. On every odd numbered turn 4 more Frost Trolls enter the map not counting the first turn. These newly spawned trolls enter from the purple stars.

        Now all your warbands have to do is escape with their lives…..

        Oh one more thing.
        Frost Trolls now drop gold when killed. 50gc to be exact. Also roll a d20 and if it is 11 or higher than that Frost Troll has dropped a treasure chest. Happy hunting.

        The scenario draws are as follows. I hope you enjoy this one.

        Bennett vs Dan
        Chris vs Jason
        Sam vs Ben

          Amayasu wrote:
          Cheers for the game chap. Could you post your gold gain, XP, etc and i’ll get a write up sorted soon. Also, do you have the mission as a PDF or word file? Can’t find my print out.

          I gained 200XP and 360GC.

          I won a Staff of Casting, Grimoire (Fog), and Magic Bow.


            When is the next round of the campaign starting?

              Enginseer wrote:
              When is the next round of the campaign starting?

              Just waiting for Ben and Sam to have their game…..


                Bloody layabouts.


                  I’ve been trying…


                    Forest of the Dead
                    “The Witches” (Bennett) vs “The Undead Bipeds” (Dan)

                    The Road is long, with many a winding turns
                    That leads us to who, knows where, Who knows when
                    But I’m strong, Strong enough to carry him
                    He ain’t heavy, unlike your Mother.

                    Sawyer sang just loudly enough as to be heard by his rivals, The Witches, who could be seen weaving through the trees a short distance away. He’d risk the attentions of a Snow Troll or two for Hollies-heavy Mother-Taunt. But Annabella wasn’t going to rise to it. Her mother was simply big-boned, and a ton of fun at that, or so the many visitors of her youth had told her.

                    It was slow work, made slower for the corpse over Sawyer’s shoulder. He’d lost two members of his Warband last night. They’d buried Terry at dawn, face down in a shallow grave… anything to slow the restless Zombie threat. But Rattles? Well, Rattles deserved better. Terry was a moron. Rattles was a Hero.

                    Many of the Forests of the world are vast and untameable, so vast that passing through is a fool’s task undertaken over several days and nights. Lliskan Forest was one such Forest, and so all manner of dwellings were built over many years and by the many travellers making their way through. Some were built to last, gratefully improved upon by each successive band, others were ramshackle affairs that offered the simplest of defences against the bitter night. Many however become lost and abandoned, fading from map and memory, some for reasons that are entirely fair, like Zombies. And Trolls.

                    But when night draws in, and the beasts come out, shelter is shelter, and that’s where we’ll start this tale.

                    Last night.
                    Two buildings.
                    One well.

                    Turn one.
                    Both Warbands take their first tentative steps out of the relative safety of their temporary homes, carrying what ever treasure they managed to find.
                    Sounds from the Well draw the attention of Sawyer’s Knight, Terry, who rounds a corner and raises his shield ready to take on the four Zombies scrambling from the Well.
                    Trolls start to close in on both Warbands.

                    Turn two.
                    Four Zombies was simply too much for Terry, who is slain, horribly by the rotters.
                    Sensing Danger Annabella orders her thief to bolt with the treasure, taking it off the board and scoring it.
                    But in the moonlight Sawyer sees the unmistakable flash of gold on the Snow Troll, and orders his Warband to take it down.
                    Rattles tears into the Troll but misses, taking a vicious kick to the face and dies.
                    Petri, Sawyer’s apprentice attempts to Bone Dart the troll and misses.
                    Meanwhile Annabella’s Apprentice attempts to shroud the area in thick fog, only to fail and take damage.
                    The rest of her Warband push into combat with a Troll and almost kill it, 3 health remain.
                    Finally, Sawyer’s Archer and Crossbowman fire a volley into the Zombie horde, killing one of them.
                    The Witches’ Hound is spotted running towards Sawyer with a Troll in tow.

                    Turn three.
                    After the failings of her Apprentice Annabella casts Fog, with a disapproving tut. Fog? Sorted. Maybe the Apprentice will manage to steal some health instead?
                    Spotting The Witches’ Hound Sawyer reveals it’s death, cause it to stop and lose it’s activation.
                    Sawyer’s Archers work with him, and the Zombies are slain.
                    Annabella’s apprentice attempts to steal health, only to fail and lose health as their Thief tires and is laid-low by the Troll.
                    Scales, Sawyer’s Barbarian roars into combat with the unengaged troll and deals a massive 7 damage.
                    But the trolls aren’t done yet, it’s their time to fight back… and with little grace the Troll grabs The Witches’ hound, and crushes it. Scales dodges the monster’s attack and counters hard, killing it…

                    … but it’s pained cries echo out as dawn breaks, attracting the attention of yet more Trolls. Four more join the fight.

                    Turn four.
                    Desperate times call for decisive action; Sawyer casts bone dart, dropping a Troll who in turn drops Treasure!
                    Annabella throws out a thick wall of fog in front of the newly arrived Trolls. Hiding is a tactic too, right?
                    Both Warbands’ archers take pot shots at the rapidly approaching beasties, killing one, and dropping Treasure at the Witches’ feet.
                    Annabella’s apprentice, eager to impress and redeem herself after a series of poorly performed spells, casts Fog, obscuring the Witches completely as an Infantryman carries treasure off into the tree-line.
                    The remaining trolls move ever closer.

                    Turn five.
                    Sawyer conjures and throws a Bone Dart at a Troll, dealing 8 and an archer picks up Treasure.
                    Annabella leaves play, leaving orders for the remaining members of her Warband to get clear and regroup.
                    Petri and the Scales work together, Petri finishes off a Troll and Scales picks up and runs with the treasure it dropped.
                    Over with the witches the remaining troll resists a push attempt by their apprentice.
                    Sawyer’s thief runs into the trees with Treasure, securing it.
                    The witches’ final Infantryman also makes good, carrying treasure to safety.

                    Turn Six.
                    No, really, everyone, Run!
                    In a final act of heroism, Sawyer successfully casts Fleet Feet onto Scales, giving the Barbarian just enough to run into the trees with the remaining treasure.

                    Everyone leaves.

                    Sawyer hoists Rattles onto his shoulder and sets off walking north. As he reaches the road and rejoins his Warband he begins to hum to a sad song about a long, long road…

                    – Statistics –

                    The Undead Bipeds
                    [li]Terry, the Knight, dies[/li]
                    [li]Rattles, the Hound, dies[/li]
                    [li]300XP scored[/li]
                    [li]Gains Level 5[/li]
                    [li]570 Gold gained[/li]
                    [li]2 Grimoires gained: Reveal Invisibility and Create Grimoire[/li]
                    [li]3 Scrolls gained: Mud, Familiar, Create Grimoire[/li]


                      This is awesome Dan. Excellent stuff. Loved the two houses, one well. I dont know why??? lol

                      In other news the final game should be played by the 12th so then round three of the campaign can commence.

                      Just add as well to anyone who is reading this and wants to play then they still can. I can write anyone in at any point. More the merier. :)


                        Finally got my game in against Ben (sorry for the delay). What are the pairings for the next round?


                          So when’s the next round kicking off? I need to play Bennett, Sam and Dan still.

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