Upgraded 40K Gothic Ruins

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      Managed to finish off the first batch of club terrain last night. My feeling is that this would do a 6×4 table, but I’ve yet to see it on one. Might not be enough. What do you think?

      Still in need of some detailing to be honest, but at least it all looks OK together on a board. Probably.




        Its certainly a big improvement, nice work! :-)


          Looking good chap. I’m popping in tonight to say hello, are you bringing it in?


            Yeah, I’ll bring it down. My main worry at the moment is storage – I just have no idea what to do for the best at the club. It will fit in a box (which is handy) but I’m not sure it would stay looking nice for very long!

            Also finished a few manufactorum buildings which I hope can be another table’s worth once I get that massive one off its thick base. That would be a table with greater LoS blocking. Perfect for those trying to avoid Tau and Mechanicum.

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