Warhammer 40K – 8th Edition Game Day! July 8th

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     Dan Wartnaby 

      Hello all.

      With 8th Edition’s release date finally revealed it’s time to host a Game Day! We’ve set aside the 8th of July for an all-day romp through the Grim Darkness of the far future. This is the first Saturday following the new rules’ release.

      You’ll get to play at-least three* great games of 40K, as well as take part in a painting competition and a prize-supported vote for Favourite Opponent. The intention is very much to host an old-school Game Day, as opposed to a tournament or overly competitive event.

      So dust off those old (and now reworked!) armies, pick up a cheap army book and some free rules, meet some new players and join us for a fun day of gaming as we learn the new edition.

      Some of the prizes for the painting competition and Favourite Opponent vote are being donated by Graham from Red Beam Designs (thanks!). He’ll also have a number of items designed specifically for 8th Edition with him available to buy on the day, too.

      Tickets for the event are £5, which includes the Club’s fee for the day. You’re welcome to turn up on the day and pay your £5, however I would really appreciate it if you could buy your ticket in advance to aid in planning. Tickets will go on sale shortly.


      I’ll post a more detailed ‘rules pack’ a little closer to the event, but in the mean time if you’d like to know more feel free to post here or find me at the club on a Wednesday night.



      * 40K 8th represents a huge streamlining of the game, and as a result, games are reportedly shorter. So time permitting we may be able to plan the day around four games.

       Dan Wartnaby 

        Tickets are online and available to buy;



          Unfortunately were on Holiday but the whole release is looking really good and Dark Angels still have a few tricks up their sleeve.

          Luke has got his Necron Overlord Hat on at the moment and we may even see  a painted Dynasty by the end of the Summer.

          I know this is a bit forward planning but anything happening in September 40K wise

           Dan Wartnaby 

            Hey a Greg, a shame you can’t make it, but no worries. It should be a good day.

            Yeah the DA look great. All the flavour, non of the 7th madness (2+ rerollable Jink is dead, and should never have lived!).


            Re September, the club has a Fantasy tournament booked in. We might have some space for some general gaming, so check in a little closer to the time. I have tentatively booked in October for something 40K related. More info after the game day. A tournament is likely.

             Dan Wartnaby 

              Mini rulespack for the day;



              We have tickets left, so if you’d like to come along grab a ticket from the Shop.

               Dan Wartnaby 

                Player list so far;

                1. Dan
                2. Martin
                3. Peter
                4. Dimitrios
                5. Carl
                6. Tom
                7. Chris
                8. Bennett
                9. Leo
                10. Graham Dixon (not yet paid)
                11. Aron
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                 Dan Wartnaby 

                  12. Dom


                  (can’t edit the above post)

                   Ben Dove 


                    Thought I’d try here as well.  If anyone else couldn’t do the 40k event and wants a game (assuming there’s a table and terrain free)  then I’m suddenly free to come for half of the day.

                    If I get a response before the event I’ll come over first thing.


                     Dan Wartnaby 

                      We can fit you in for the event tomorrow. Starts 9:30-10.

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