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     Chris Tray 

      Hi everyone… (hi Dr Nick)

      So as most people who will see this post already know, I’m planning on running a mini campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. This will be based around 6 scenario based games done on Wednesday nights before culminating in a (hopefully) huge game on the September Saturday (I believe that is the 16th).

      The size of the battles will increase through the campaign starting at a skirmish level 500 point game, building up to the 2400 point per person game on the Saturday.

      There will be a narrative of sorts to drive the campaign but the campaign will similarly drive the narrative. People joining will need to create a backstory for their Aspiring Hero and his/her body guard, plus, if they want to expand, any other units of characters that will come in and out of their lists.

      The idea is to have 1 game every 2 weeks in the build up, this gives people chances to play other games, test lists (if they can find someone to play out the scenario with them) and adds a bit of wiggle room for people that can’t make it every week. In addition to this I will be asking people so send some form of cliff notes for each of their battles, the more detailed the better but as long as the major points are there. I’ll take these notes and will write up the story of the campaign as it unfolds. Grudges formed, heroic last stands, shameful cowardliness and utter lunacy. The Warhammer world is a strange and dangerous place after all. Of course, if anyone wants to write up the result of their own battles in this form and pass them on to me that works great too.

      I’ve added the google doc of the campaign below. This is still subject to change and if anyone has any ideas or suggestions then feel free to send me a message or talk to me on a Wednesday.

      Thanks for reading and I hope to have as many of you join the campaign as possible.

      Chris Tray


       Peter Large 

        I am interested, even if my shift times are unhelpful for the larger games.
        My friend may be interested in the big game also.
        Going to try to paint my lists before I need them hopefully that will motivate me:)


         Chris Tray 

          Hello again everyone.

          To give an idea of the back stories I’d like participants to give their General and Body Guard unit I’ve created one for my Dwarfs who I’ll be using. I don’t expect everyone to add as much detail to their back story but obviously the more the better and a larger back story will give me more to go on when I write up the story of the campaign as it unfolds.

          Chris Tray




           James Mitchell 

            I’d be interested to join, maybe using dark elves or wood elves

             James Mitchell 

              A few things I would like the check. Are the body guards unit size fixed after first game (for example if it has ten models, can it get any more models for bigger games?)
              The first game is it required to have 3 units?
              Could my hero be a wizard or would a brave combat hero be more fitting?
              Do units from previous games carry onto new games or can they be changed?

               Peter Large 

                Easiest place to link to my fluff

                may of taken some liberties with the lore but hey my closest model to a warrior priest is female so did what I could:)

                   James Mitchell 
                     James Mitchell 
                       James Mitchell 
                         Peter Large 

                          Can confirm its readable, I enjoyed reading it

                           Lee Mayhew 
                           Chris Tray 

                            Here’s the Narrative so far, still waiting on a few photos but it’s pretty much done for now. I’ve edited a few details in pretty much everyone’s fluff just to bring it all together. James M and Peter, yours are the most changed so if there is anything you want tweeking let me know.

                            Of course this will grow over the next few weeks and months until hopefully we will have something to rival some of the old White Dwarf WHFB campaigns (you know, before it all turned to shit).

                            As always, let me know what you think =)



                             Peter Large 

                              not offical as needs editing but hopefully should give you an idea of the ups and downs of those 2 battles
                              need to rethink lists and assign some upgrades:)

                              And updated my fluff document now it has chris’s overview and now has regimental backstory, would advise skipping most of it and read about the knights of ravens watch the finest cavalry the empire has to offer

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                               Chris Tray 

                                Hello again.

                                Done the write up for the first 2 games.

                                They are in 2 different docs, 1 for each scenario. As I write up the games I’ll add them to the scenario documents and I’ll add them all to the main Narrative document. Thanks to the guys for sending me their own reports and they both helped greatly in writing it up (and will be even more helpful in the future when I’m playing a game of my own and not just observing!).

                                Hope you enjoy!

                                Scenario One


                                Scenario Two




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