Wednesday 16th August

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     David Ford 

      Hey there, announce or plan your games here for Wednesday 16th August….

       Lee Mayhew 

      Anyone for Tanks or X-Wing?

      I do have a new Lambda Shuttle that needs a run out.

      Or late war tanks if I can remember how to play.

       Peter Large 

        I can do either Lee, got a new scum ship that needs a shakedown cruise

         Lee Mayhew 

        Ok Peter, let’s have some space shenanigans.


        I’ll bring the true Guardians of the Galaxy bringing order to the universe.


        Usual 8-8.15 for you?

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         Peter Large 

          Should be around that time so probs will bring variant lists of that pts, I shall bring a wretched hive of scum of villainy

           Andy R 

            Alex, Paul and I are playing Star Trek Attack Wing.

            Doing the Fleetgrinder scenario again and we have space for another player with a 200 point fleet.

             Carl Newbould 

            Kings of war anyone? Campaign would be good. I will be on the side of good so need an evil army to play against.

            If not… 40k anyone? 1350 points is the max I can reach at the moment.


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