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      Mantic have released what I think is their most exciting blog entry yet!


      So a new trident realm army, salamanders and improved basilean mini’s are happening!

      Gaps in lists will continue to be filled (in particular nature and abysals which are coming soon).

      A global campaign, siege games multi player rules are also mentioned.

      Add this to the historical release and it really is a great time to be into KoW right now.

      Have a read and enjoy!


        Those serpent riders are immense. It has made me reconsider buying some Russian infantry from fireforge games instantly.

        Also interested in the flame guys on a 40 mm base. Any thoughts as to what they are? Flamebearers?


          Flamebearers are standard infantry, so I’d expect them to be an 20mm bases. A large infantry base occupied by multiple standard size infantry indicates Lost Souls.
          Love the Hellhounds, but I’m not sure I like the direction they went with the Stone Priest. Too much ‘half naked hulk’, and not nearly enough ‘learned mystic’. Would make a good Berserker Lord model I suppose.


            Yes. They are tortured souls (very cheery).

            I’ve only played one game against abyss in a tournament but they do seem on paper to have quite a good and varied list. Filling gaps in the army list is only going to make them more popular now. So who will be the first to crack?! ;-)

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