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     Scott Waites 

      Hey Folks.

      We’re looking to run a X-Wing League leading up to a tournament at the beginning of the summer.
      It will be pretty standard league format (2 points for a win, 1 for a draw) with prizes for all players and extra prizes for the top 4.
      Players are allowed to play each other player twice during the league.
      Players will play 100 point games
      Obviously we encourage players to play on a Tuesday night but playing outside of that night is fine (both players will have to confirm the result with me as organiser)

      Participation- Swarm Tactics
      Top 4- Ketsu Onyo/Tractor Beam Tokens

      If you want to sign up pop a reply here or on the Wargaming at Travelling Man York  and i’ll get a league table set up and possibly put up in the play-space somewhere.
      Any Questions feel free to ask!

       John Baldock 

        Sounds like fun! I’ll sign up on the facebook group when I’ve joined.

         Scott Waites 

          OK we’ll be starting the League as of Next week (Week beginning the 15th)

          Give me a shout and select your faction!

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