Our Team


The club is run by a committee. There are no ranks in our committee structure, so feel free to approach any of us if you have questions. Our current committee members are the following:

Ben Wagner

Bennett Morley

Carl Newbould

Lee Mayhew

Peter Sidaway

Game Co-ordinators

The club also has a series of game co-ordinators. Each co-ordinator has an area of responsibility which is detailed below.

The duties of a game co-ordinator are as follows:

Be an ambassador for their game or activity at the club
Represent the club and their game or activity in a positive light
Be the first point of contact for running events connected to their game or activity
Keep the committee informed as to the needs and wishes of the players of that game (e.g. particular terrain needs or event requests)
Our current game co-ordinators are:

Alex Castro-Jamal – Star Trek Attack Wing

Chris Tray – Fantasy Games

Martin Jones – Malifaux

Dan Wartnaby – Warhammer 40K/30K

Jason Dyke – Terrain

Sam Wood – Guildball

Tom Candlin – Star Wars X-Wing

The club is run according to it’s constitution. The latest copy of this can be found here.

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