Northern Annihilation – An ITC Registered 40K Tournament, February 3rd 2019


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York Garrison is happy to announce Northern Annihilation, a Tournament in the Grim Darkness of the Yorkshire Winter.


Northern Annihilation is a one day ITC registered event taking place at York Race Course on February 3rd 2019 during the Annual Vapnartak Game Show. Vapnartak is a busy, eclectic mix of miniatures, venders, demos, participation games and tournaments, and is run annually by the York Wargaming Society.

Player Limit: 36

Rounds: 3

Points: 1750


Your tournament ticket includes entry into the main show event. You do not need to buy a Vapnartak ticket separately. When you arrive at York Race Course on the day of the event you’ll likely see a queue of people waiting to get into the Show. You do NOT need to queue; tournament players should walk to the entrance and advise the staff on the door that they have a tournament ticket, giving them your name.




There will be no refunds for this event once the venue has been paid, or it’s within 1 week (7 days) of the event.

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