Bloodbowl Season 2

Terry is running a second season of his Blood Bowl league. If you’re interested in taking part, or would like to try Blood Bowl, reach out on the forums ⋅ Blood Bowl Season 2


Gunfight at the Folk Hall

York Garrison Wargaming Club (YGWC) will be hosting our first ever Wild West Exodus (WWX) tournament on Saturday November 3rd: Gunfight at The Folk Hall.

Tickets available here.


Slay Bells 3

Hi folks, hopefully all of you are planning on attending our awesome Slay Bells charity event on December 8th, don’t forget it doesn’t cost you anything! We have just started the process of contacting various companies to try and get prizes together for the raffle, in the past we have also had various donations from club members as well so if anybody has anything they would like to contribute to it this year then all donations are appreciated. We managed to raise over £500 for charity last year from ticket sales and we are hoping that the raffle will be even bigger and better this year


How to run an Event

An Event can be anything from a one-day tournament to a multi-month campaign or league. Anyone can run an Event, and Garrison will gladly assist in hosting, ticket sales and prize support. If you’ve got an idea and would like to run something with us then reach out to any member of the Committee.


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