A statement from the York Garrison Committee.

Dear members

As you will all be aware, the Folk Hall has been undergoing extensive renovations recently. The current phase of works is due to finish shortly, after which work will begin on the side of the building we use. The main hall and all rooms on that half of the building will be closed for at least 3 months whilst the work is completed.

The committee has looked into several options on the clubs behalf. These included changing venue temporarily and permanently. Both of these options were ruled out due to the increase in weekly running costs and likely change of night that would ensue.

The committee decided to accept the Folk Halls offer of use of a smaller room on the other side of the building for the duration of the works. We will move back into the main hall once the work is complete. Whilst we felt this was the best compromise, there will still be some inconvenience to the members. The new room is in the space upstairs, above the old kitchen. It is significantly smaller than the main hall. We will only have space for 8 6’x4′ boards, along with some smaller 3’x3′ boards. The folk hall is also unable to give us any storage space for terrain or boards during this period. As a result, the club will be buying a trailer that can be used to bring the boards needed and some terrain to the venue each week.

In order to manage these problems we have implemented a booking system for tables each week, and ask that members bring their own terrain where possible, and let us know if they need to use club terrain. This will allow us to ensure we bring enough each week, and that no one gets turned away due to lack of free tables.

We know that there will be frustrations during this period, and things may not go smoothly. We ask that you all try to bear with us during this period and help each other to make club nights run as smoothly as possible. If anyone is interested in helping out, the committee would love to hear from people who can organise their game systems terrain and table booking needs.


Important dates:

April 11th.
Gaming in the meeting room.

June 27th.
Gaming back in main hall (estimated).

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the committee members either in person, discuss it on our forums or the Facebook group.


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