Bring & Buy Evening on the 29th

The Great Hobby Cleansing

A Bring & Buy Evening on the 29th of May.


Who is the sale open to?

Club members who want to sell unused, unbuilt and unwanted hobby items. This is not a commercial sale, just a fun event for our members.

How do I sell something at the sale?

On the 22nd, one week before the sale, please get some blank labels from a committee member. Please label every single item you wish to sell (or clearly bundle items up if you’d like to sell multiple items in one go). On the label please CLEARLY write the cost of the item, a description, and your name… for example;

Roboutte wants to sell some unbuilt tactical marines, because Roboutte is terrible at getting hobby done and also much prefers Primaris Marines. So he wants to sell an unbuilt sprue of marines for £5. He collects a set of labels on the 22nd, and writes the label:

10 Man Tactical Squad £5
Roboutte Guilliman

He then sticks the label to the sprue, and brings it on the 29th.

On the 29th please pass any items for sale to a committee member near the stage area of the hall, and we’ll set up stall.

We’ll try to have blank labels on hand, but any item without a label will not be sold.

Can I still play games while the Bring & Buy is taking place?

Yes! There’s no need for you to stand around to sell your items. A couple of the committee members will be on hand to handle money and keep track of sales. When someone buys one of your items we’ll remove the label, stick it into a book of purchased items and collect payment… all while you play.

A few days after we’ll total up the items you sold and PayPal you the money we’ve collected for you.

Will it cost me anything to sell my items?

No, just your standard club fee for the evening.

If you’d like to donate 10% of your sales to this year’s Slaybells charity amount that would be appreciated, but there is no pressure to do so.

What about items that didn’t sell?

Please pick them up before you leave. We will not store unsold items for you.



Where is the Bring & Buy happening?

On the stage area of the hall, on the 29th. It’ll be open for most of the evening, from about 7pm.

How can I pay for items?

Cash or PayPal. If paying by PayPal please send it as a Friend & Family payment.

All sales are final – you can see and inspect the item yourself. The owner’s name will be on the label should you have any questions. Please ensure you’re happy with your items before sending paying for them.


Any questions please get in touch;

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