Upcoming Events

Solstice 2024
Saturday 8th June 9am – 5pm

An all day big game event to arrange and play bigger games.
£10 per person, tickets available here:
See the #solstice-2024 channel on our Discord to request boards and see available games.

SlayBells 2024
Saturday 7th December 2024 9am – 5pm

York Garrison’s very own annual Xmas gaming day! SlayBells 2024 returns on 7th December 2024. Mark your calendars. £5 entry which includes 5 tickets to the raffle! Big games! Bring and Buy! More details to follow in the coming months. A games discussion channel will open up in October on our Discord server

How to run an Event

An Event can be anything from a one-day tournament to a multi-month campaign or league. Anyone can run an Event, and Garrison will gladly assist in hosting, ticket sales and support. If you’ve got an idea and would like to run something with us then reach out to any member of the Committee.

Get In Touch

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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